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Long story short: After a fix, I have myself a nice pair of these:


And what I want is a pair of these:



The speakers are in good working condition, and include some nice sand-filled stands. There's a few nicks in the veneer and some damage on the bottom due to goofy speaker stand spikes, but they look pretty good if you're not staring at the bottom and sound fine. 

Admittedly, as far as $3,800 speakers go, they're not awe-inspiring. Honestly, new, I'd say $2k would have been more reasonable. However, they're not bad either, and a combination of solid engineering and stupid overkill (Silver wires? Check! Steel plate internal bracing  literally thick enough to stop small munitions? Check!) means that they're far and away better than anything you'll find at Best Buy. 

On the face of it, swapping - directly or indirectly - a pair secondhand of speakers for a secondhand headphones that were priced less than 1/3 the speakers seems pretty easy. However, Cliffhanger went bust some years ago, and aside from a few good reviews, there's not much to hear of them. 

Is it a reasonable swap to ask? Too much/too little?