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For Sale: Wireworld 50cm Silver Starlight 6 SPDIF interconnect

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For Sale:
Wireworld 50cm Silver Starlight 6 SPDIF interconnect

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is a WireworldSilver Starlight 6 SPDIF interconnect. It is 50cm long and is the entry level interconnect in their current high-end Reference series. Cost me just over $200 when new and it is around 6 months old. I have upgraded to the Gold model from this series (solid silver as opposed to this cable which is copper / silver), so I no longer need this cable. It is virtually in as new condition.


I no longer have the packaging so you will just receive the cable. I will bubble-wrap each of the connectors then bubble wrap the cable itself and then send it in a strong cardboard box.


$80 USD via PayPal which includes postage to anywhere in the World via Registered International Postage. If postage is to Australia, price is $65 AUD posted to anywhere in Australia via Registered Parcel Post. 

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Hi, am interested in this.  How would you describe the sonic signature of these?

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I would say truthfully that the Wireworld reference series dont really have a sonic signature - they are more varying degrees of neutral as you go up the range. The gold series is definitely clearer and more transparent than this silver interconnect, but on the other hand the silver is more clear, tramsparent and smoother sounding than their midrange interconnects. If you are trying to change the sound signature of a system with this cable, it wont work and it will only emphasise its shortcomings. On the other hand, if you just want more refinement over a midrange SPDIF then this would be a good contender.

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Glad to hear that it is clear, transparent and smooth :) What I am looking for to ensure my system sig stays intact.  I am looking at refinement rather than changing the sound sig of my system.


Are these terminated in RCA?

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Yes they are RCA terminated. Sorry I forgot to mention that.Yes, the cable is definitely more detailed and smoother than the cheaper ones I have used, but also be aware that in my opinion, despite the very high price tag in relative terms, the Gold series I have replaced it with is another step up from this silver one (by about the same amount as the silver is from the top of the Wireworld midrange SPDIF interconnect that I also used to own).


So although I think this cable is a bargain at $80, dont discount the pure silver ones as I think they are worth it so long as you have the money to pay for them. I would love to hear their top of the line Platinum but I have to draw the line somewhere - I could never ever afford that one!

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