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Audio Technica ATH-M50 vs AKG K550 vs Sennheiser HD 25-1 ii - Page 2

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Amping will tighten up the M50 bass. If you are looking to save $ they are good choice.

HD25's are more portable and they will still sound better than the M50 unamp'd.

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I am looking to save money and based on what everyone has said I've decided to buy the m50s. Thank you all for the advice.

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i havnt heard any of the mentioned headphones but the senns have a replaceable cable which is a big plus in my eyes because cables dont last forever.

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I've been super impressed with the AT50's, I preferred them over the 550's in the listening booth. Never heard the hd25 but I have a bunch of senn's and I way prefer the AT50's for electronic/bassy music even over my HD500's. the senn's tend to be warmer, the soundstage on the AT50's is really cramped, but the detail/clarity is stunning and with an amp (e17 here) they have great punch and the stage opens up a bit. I've taken mine on a few long trips and the durability has been great, plus the cable is replaceable. For the price I've never had cans I was more impressed with plus the noise isolation has been great even on 14hour plane rides
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The HD25 is a complete departure from the typical Sennheiser house sound. More of a closed Grado - aggressive but very musical sound sig. I would say that it's a little more balanced, more refined, and faster than the M50s - however the M50s don't sound as congested as the HDs. For portable use, I tend to take the HDs over the M50s each time though. Better isolation and an addictive sound sig that's fitting for noisy environments.
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The problem with the comparisons on this thread is that no one is mentioning the version of m50 or hd25 they have. Old m50s are bloated in the lower bass, newer ones are more balanced. Old hd25s don't extend down to the deep bass while the new ones do. Check this out here for example...


Old hd25




New HD25



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Portable use, you can't beat the HD25-1 II, and they sound amazing for such a light-weight, rugged, and isolating headphone. Coming from my iPhone, they need a little extra juice to get them where I want, but the Total Airhead should work just fine for you.

My K550, has a MUCH bigger sound stage and deeper tighter bass over the HD 25, and it isolates very well. not as good as the HD 25-1 II but nicer than expected.


But I have only heard it amped through my Matrix M Stage 

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