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For Sale: Denon AHD-2000 w/ Mods

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For Sale:
Denon AHD-2000 w/ Mods


Hey All,


I'm currently selling my modified Denon D2Ks.  These have been modified by Headfi member evtron, making me the 2nd owner of them (he didn't use them much after the mod).  The mods include custom Cocobolo Wood cups (incredibly well finished), 10ft. solid silver re-cable, and 1/4" termination.  These headphones were modded with pristine care, and look extremely professional, very impressive work.


I have put maybe 100 total hours on these headphones, and sound fantastic.  Very rezzy in the mids, clearer highs than stock, and much tighter bass due to the wood cups.  I borrowed a friend's pair of stock D2Ks to compare when first purchased, and the improvements were very obvious.


Selling due to financial needs in personal life, will sorely miss these phones.  Great for prog rock, metal, jazz, and vocals.


Please PM if interested.




Update: Will now ship to Canada!

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Looks like a good deal..seriously thinking about it

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Still for sale.  Phones are for $400 shipped, will come in original Denon Box. 


No trades, please.

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These are a great deal. I would have picked them up if I did not get my d5000s a few weeks ago. 

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Good luck with the sale, amazing price ! I'm sadly looking for portable cans...smily_headphones1.gif

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Sale pending
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