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For Sale: Leema Elements Phono Stage

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For Sale:
Leema Elements Phono Stage

Will Ship To: UK

Unit is in great condition and comes in its original box. Paypal fees and special delivery is included in the price.

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Hi--    Trying to get a phono preamp--what did you trade up or down to from the Leema?   And what was your opinion of this unit?   There are so many to choose from that it gets crazy making a choice without hearing anything.  Thanks.

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Hi,  I traded down to an Ortofon I had lying around. The Leema was much better but I don't listen to vinyl nearly as much as I run things through my DAC and I needed some cash to buy a new laptop. It all boils down to how much you want to spend but I will say the Leema is pretty darn good and a steal if you can get a used one. Noise was really low, that impressed me the most.

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