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For Sale: Brainwavz B2 with extra tips!

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For Sale:
Brainwavz B2 with extra tips!

Will Ship To: ConUS

Up for sale are most of my IEMs. After getting the GR07s I don't really see me using any of my other IEMs any time soon, so I'm selling them off to fund other things. All of these have been gently cared for, most have only left my house a couple of times (except for the B2s)


-Brainwavz B2: Early model with no L/R markings. Second owner, bought from a head-fi user in February of this year. Slight unraveling of the cable. Includes all the original accessories plus $10 worth of etymotic large tri flange tips (3 pairs) Subtract $5 if you don't want the ety tips, although I'd recommend them myself. $79 Sold


-Yamaha EPH-100SL: Second owner, bought from local head fi user. Like new condition, includes all the original accessories. $100, sold to Sil3nce


-Hisound Wooduo 2: New condition. Received from HiSound about 2 weeks ago. All original accessories included. $49, SOLD


Prices are OBO including shipping. PayPal fees and insurance also extra. I'd be interested in something like:

Mad dog t50rp (+ cash on my end)

Sm3 (+ cash on my end)

Anime? (physical copies/music from anime I've watched) :p

I can add money to the trade if it's necessary. questions? Comments? Offers?

Pm me or email me (my username @gmail) or call/text me maybe at 509-850-0680 Have a good day!

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For Sale: $40 (USD)
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eph-100 headed my way (:

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