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I have an amplifier, a DAC, and two sources running from a single power board. I believe in Australia, power boards have a load limit of 2400V, which means someone could potentially use 10 devices (at 220V - 240V each) on the board, though I'm using less than half this limit.


What's interesting is that the power board has a switch which toggles power to everything plugged into the board. I believe this may be a trip-switch feature for surge protection.


In all cases, each device has a built in power supply unit where most switches are located at the rear of the device, or in other awkward or inconvenient places.


Is it safe to have each device powered "on", but toggle the power "off" on the power board?

In the back of my mind it's simply safer to toggle the device power as it were intended.

Logically, powering all of the devices off at once on the power board should be safe?


Would be fantastic to power off all my audio equipment with the flick of one switch.

I don't want to experiment with the idea incase there's a surge of some description.

Has anyone else done this?

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