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So. Recently I bought Beats Studios and I'm going to sell them again haha smily_headphones1.gif
What I'm looking for are headphones I can use for daily use, but also for producing.
I produce dnb, hiphop and rnb and those are also the main genres I listen to. (+dubstep but I still can't produce that lol)
I've heard many great things about the ATH M50s, do you guys think these are suitable for what I want to do?
I paid 236 for my Beats, and I wouldn't really want to pay more than 250 for a different pair.
Coolness doesn't matter, if they don't look so good I'll just leave them at home. But still, it'd be noce if they were suitable for portable use too.

Lemme know! smily_headphones1.gif
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M50s are great for the price...






M-Audio Q40






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My cousin, who is a dj, also recommends Shure as a good brand.

Any thoughts?

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Shures 840/940s are good...but you might not get the lows that are needed for your taste in music. But thats just my opinion :)


I guess the DJ version of the Shures would suffice...but i have not much experience with them. Will leave for someone else to comment.



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