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I've been trying so many headphones.. I've liked most of them, but one that had tons of potential were the Senn PX200ii. I'm strictly a fan of the sound... they go low and have awesome mids. I've been looking around for an open can equivalent full size can and not sure where to go from here. Don't get me know wrong, I thouroughly enjoy the D2000 and K550 on occasion, but I'm always amazed at what the PX200ii is capable when getting a good fit. Do they have a 'big' brother model that is circumaural?

I am sort of in a similar situation, but in my case it is with the Sennheiser PXC300. I own two of them - one for my computer and one for my loungeroom system. Like the PX200ii, it is a small, portable supra-aural phone and is certainly not a top of the line model, though when they were sold years ago they were priced towards the upper-middle market. Even though it is small and noise cancelling, I still have not found another headphone that I prefer. I had previously owned the PXC250, but found the PXC300 sounded noticeably better and was a lot more comfortable, so I went for the latter model. I have become so used to the ultra-fast transient response, total lack of listening fatique and clarity at low volume levels of the PXC300 such that anything else I have tried just sounds "slow" and lethargic - and I seem to need to listen at much higher sound pressure levels to get the same sort of listening satisfaction as compared to the PXC300. And then like you, there is the form factor and fit. The PXC300 as standard comes with very soft leather pads and I could wear them all day and not even be aware I have them on - at least from a physical perspective.


I have only been searching for a replacement because the noise cancelling circuit board has died and the low level hiss can sometimes annoy me - the new circuit board cost me $100 and installing it tested my soldering ability to the max (no, I admit to not being a good solderer and trying to solder a large number of little wires over a square centimetre was hard work for an amateur like me with a bad back and neck). And sadly, the PXC300 is "voiced" with the noise cancelling active, so turning it off does not produce the sound quality intended for normal use.


Anyway, it is good to see I am not the only one who is very impressed with a headphone that is not ordinarily recognised as an audiophile model. I know the PXC300 has shortcomings, but so does every headphone I have ever heard (though I have not heard the more expensive ones - say over $1,000). Although I know there are models out there that would be better and would still work well at low sound pressure levels, there are hardly any that have good isolation and are incredibly light and comfortable. I tried to make a shortlist of replacements for any PXC300 and after three weeks of research, I have not been able to come up with anything that meets all of my criteria. So to replace it will require a compromise on one or more of them.

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Of course not. If a headphone holds drivers that sound balanced, with good resolution and low ringing, and overall a smooth response (especially in the mids), then it is objectively a good pair of headphones, regardless of price.

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