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Beats by Dre?

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I still don't understand how Beats by Dre looks "cool".

Beats Mixr looked good, but other Beats models look cheap and weird looking.

They look like cheap plastic toys, not headphones.


I don't know how people view Beats design as a masterpiece in design.

If they had not advertised singers wearing Beats in music videos, I personally don't think people would have viewed those cans beautifully designed.

Oh. I also have Sennheiser HD 25-1 II, and with equalizer (bass), Sennheiser had richer and less muddier bass than Beats.


What are your opinions?


You deserve to have high quality audio, WHEREVER you choose to listen to your music.

Poor quality, bad music files and crappy equipment have stood in the way of you and the artist you love. Our mission is to fix what's been wrong so you can experience your favorite music in ways you haven't before, and connect to the artist in a way you've never imagined.

we use our unique blend of science and artistry to bring you exactly what the artist intended.
The Beats Audio tuning process holds the highest respect for the artist - never interfering with the track. In our opinion, there's nothing better than what the artist originally made in the studio.


Source: http://beatsbydre.com/beatsaudio/Beats%20Audio,default,sc.html

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There are a lot of better cans for much lower prices, that out perform the beats, in ever area...

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I'm not usually the one to say this, but this has been brought up 1000 and 1 times. Search function.

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Why do you think Beats is spending tens of millions of dollars to get celebrities to wear their headphones in photo ops? I'm sure they're aware of this.


If you paid basketball players and rappers to wear adult diapers I can think of 100 people I know who would show up to work in some pimpin' $300 Tupac Huggies the next morning. Welcome to the world of being ashamed of humanity.

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Originally Posted by anonuserheadfi View Post


They are cheap plastic toys, not headphones.


fixed that for ya

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How about using the search and using one of the about several dozens of other threads on similar issue. Really, it's not good enough a set of cans to start a new thread for.

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edit nvm, im tired of talking about beats

yeah they suck

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