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you might want to check out some of the modded Fostex cans, particularly Mr Speakers Mad Dogs, and for greater neutrality, LFF's Paradoxes.

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Originally Posted by AdamTR View Post

Right now I'm leaning more and more towards the K702, but haven't heard much about the Sony MDR-7520 what do you guys think of it with a frequency range of 5Hz -80kHz?

Manufacturers claim all sorts of frequency ranges for their headphones, and they almost always lie, at least when it comes to decibel tolerances. The exact science of headphone measurement is by no means an exact science, at least not yet. I would look less at stated frequency ranges, and more at third party measurements - stuff like www.innerfidelity.com and their measurement database is a great place to start, though there's a lot of post-processing applied to the data.

Regardless, Sennheiser HD600 or even HD650 is a great bet. HD650 may be a bit harder to drive though - certainly if you're planning on using one from a laptop headphone socket, forget it.

Also, Koss ESP950. New prices have jumped up on these in the last month, but used you should be able to find one well within your budget. The ESP950 is pretty flat, at far as any headphones can be called flat. Well, one headphone can - the Sennheiser HE90. Does that count? tongue.gif

Koss has a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty too, which is spiffy if you're going to be abusing your cans. The price includes an amp, even if it's not a very good one, and if you're going to be using headphones to produce, you may as well use electrostatics which are as revealing as anything. Always double-check your mixes on monitors though, because even the flattest headphones aren't flat enough.

For maximum resolution, you may be able to pick up some Stax Lambdas or their variants used. Even a basic 2020 or 2170 system will do nicely. I don't think they're that quite that neutral, they tend to be a little bit on the lean side, but man, they sure are resolving. To do better you need to step up to high-end electrostatics and spend real money.
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Originally Posted by AdamTR View Post

Hi guys,


Im looking for a new pair of headphones for mixing and mastering audio...


What do you think is of the most balanced/neutral and most important FLAT headphone out there?


ps. Budget is $500


Is there a reason you want to go with headphones over monitors?  A pair of Yamaha HS80M's (or the equivalent Genelec, Mackie and similar products) would be a much safer and useful investment at that level.  Few real professionals primarily mix or master on headphones.

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I actually already own the Yamaha Hs80m.. the reason I want to go headphones is because I live in a apartment and almost never get to use them.. I mix 90% out of the time on my dt770 pro headphone but it's not that nice to me... would love to try other real flat headphones.


According to this guy the mdr-7520 is the best mixing headphone out there: http://www.gearslutz.com/board/so-much-gear-so-little-time/638191-new-favorite-headphones-mixing.html


So Im really stuck between choosing the AKG K702 or the MDR-7520.......

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Understood about the apartment.  Earlier you'd said open headphones were fine so it wasn't quite clear at that point that monitors were ruled out for your particular application.


I'm not a sound person, but I have lots of friends in sound here in Hollywood.  TBH, most of them use 7506's and don't even bother with the 7520 (but then they're very cheap).  

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Originally Posted by MalVeauX View Post




Mastering is a little different for everyone. There are studios who master with Denons. But hey, someone who doesn't work in the business will tell you that you shouldn't. I'd say go with what you think would make sense. That said, here's some suggestions for relatively neutral/flat headphones that could potentially be good for mastering:


Sennheiser HD600

Beyer DT880

HIfiman HE-400

AKG Q701

Fischer Audio FA002

AudioTechnica AD900


Denon D2000

Fostex T50RP modified (buy it pre-modded by someone else)

Beyer T70

KRK KNS 8400

AKG K550

Brainwavz HM5

AudioTechnica A900


Very best,

Mmm...? Denon make great headphones including the D2000's, but anyone who uses them for mixing purposes should be stopped. And possibly slapped. Although it could explain why so much pop music is badly mixed! rolleyes.gif


I'm assuming that you were alluding to me with that statement, since I was the only one who said that the D2000's are not good for mixing prior to your statement. How do you know that I don't work in the business?? If you had took the time to look at my profile you would have seen that I have had 20 years in the business and counting. I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours in studios and now record with my own little home studio. No I'm not a professional (i.e making a living out of it) studio producer, but it doesn't take a professional studio producer to advise that the D2000's are not good for mixing. Just anyone with experience in audio and a little common sense.


Why haven't you added Grado's into your recommendations? gs1000.gif  

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I'll second the KRK KNS-8400s.

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Originally Posted by AdamTR View Post

So Im really stuck between choosing the AKG K702 or the MDR-7520.......
i hope anyone reading this got the AKG K701's or K-702's.

I'm a long time advocate of Sony MDR-7506's, but the 7520's I feel are 5 times the price and less revealing/accurate.
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hands down:


The flattest frequency response: K702

The most natural frequency response: HD600


Avoid the K701, they sound different than the K702: more plastic and grainy, in one word unnatural. The Beyerdynamic DT880 is a bit V shaped and fatigueing IMO. I'm currently using the HD800, but would recommend the HD600.


good luck!

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I bet HD600 would be the best choice out from your list




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When Bob Ludwig first moved into his (then) new studio, he took a couple of months off just to get used to the sound of the room. It's impossible to pick a transducer and start mixing/mastering right away, One has to be able to differentiate between the sound of the recording and the coloration of a given headphone. That takes time. As such, it doesn't really matter which of the better headphones is picked, as long as one is fully aware of its sound. Again, this takes time. There's no quick path.
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Focal Spirit Pro

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