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ATH-WS55 vs MDR-V55

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I posted this in the Portable Headphones section a few days ago and didn't get a response. I'm not sure what is considered fullsize or portable and I am assuming I may have put it in the wrong room since I didn't get a response. Sorry for the double post.



I am still trying to find a pair of headphones that I will be happy with. I started out with the Philips CitiScape Uptowns they sounded great but became uncomfortable around my ears after prolonged listening. I returned those for the Sony MDR-V55 and I really like the audio quality from them and my only complaint with them is the creaking sound that the joints make if I move my jaw while wearing them. I have only had them for a few days and the creaking wasn't there when I first got them but now it is very evident and can be a bit annoying. I really like the way they look and comfort is ok, there really isn't any padding to speak of on the headband it is just basically rubberized. I was looking at the Audio-Technica ATH-WS55 headphones and have read good things about them. Does anyone know how they compare to the audio quality of the MDR-V55 I know they are marketed for their bass and I am honestly not into heavy bass I just don't want it to muddy the mids and highs. Or if there may be another suggestion preferably a DJ style headphone (I just like the style of them). I am looking to keep the price under $100. The Uptowns and the MDR-V55s I was able to try in the store before I bought them but they don't sell the ATH-WS55s in Best Buy but they have them available online.


Thanks for any help!

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Full size is when the headphone covers the ear completely. Portable are headphones which generally sit on top of the ear.

Btw, I've got some MDR-V55s and they are awesome. I'm also gonna get some JVC HA-S500s soon. biggrin.gif
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V55 is much better than WS55 unless you like horrible bloated bass then the WS55 is great!

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