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Your USB present arrived!!...and how about power cable.

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Finally I got the cables from the donator in South Korea which I mentioned before in the thread.
At first I tried to send them to you by the maker. But he showed me much difficulty about delivering abroad and its added expense besides the cables. Actually I don't know him much but he seems not rich man but making cables by hand for a living. So I offered to do the delivery also by myself.
Today we got a typhoon, so I am not sure how fast I send them. And I found the cables have a Ferrite core and different skin than mine bought a year ago. I envy you! So I am going to send one of them after my short experiment with it :) I am sorry for the one of donees who receive the not quite new one.
I also bought a power cable when I receive the USB cables. If I get a good result with it then I am going to ask him some donation for the free test of the power cables also. I have tried several inter cables, speaker cables besides USB cables but it's the first time to use a special power cable, not the default black ones. I am going to try this one with my power conditioner(Isotek mini sub GII), pre amp(allic L-3000JR tube) and the power adaptor of my audio computer(made by me as described on my blog). I am sorry my current power amp(dynaco st-70 tube) has no entitlement to use it since it was born having a long tail. I wonder which one of the three is most worthy to be powered by this power cable before I actually perceive it.
Anyway I will send the USBs ASAP. In fact I Must since one of the testers promised to send his cable when he get mine. :)
Wait my short experiment result, the cables, and then I will wait your results with them on your gears!

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Now I sent them all via EMS.

It's Friday morning so I am not sure how long it will take to arrive on each country. EMS clerk told me that the delivery to US has a congestion by typhoon, Australia estimates 3 Sept., UK is not known but normally within a week.

I will notify you with mail separately besides this thread for sure.



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First impression for several hours.

1. Power cable : Disappointed.

 Yesterday when I got it first, tried at once. The sound became too soft and no punch. I needed to have volume up.I called the cable guy, he told me power cable requires much aging than other function cables. This morning it is getting better a while but not impressive. I didn't expect like this with a quality power cable than the ordinary black one. I will watch that aging really makes a good difference with it but I don't have much patience with waiting much. How long will I have to wait for aging power cable? 


2. USB cables: Surprising!

As soon as I plug this new one(black), it blew mine(white) away at once. It made more detail and clear sound. It doesn't need aging or something. The guy told me that it is the same product with mine besides Ferrite core and the tin skin, and the core is not effective at all but added just for a fashion. But I feel it as quite a different product than mine which I bought a year ago. I really envy you donees. :) I admit I must test all of them since I can't believe the first one is just one of thousand. Please understand it as I did QC for sure before sending them to you all.

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I am more interested with that power cable.  How much did you pay for that thing?   If I read correctly, is that home made too?  I'm not a fan of DIY stuff when it comes to cables...

And yes, definitely you gotta it that power cable burn-in too....  give it good 300 hours or so.

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Hi Goodol
Thanks for sharing your burn-in experience. Waiting 300 hrs is not easy for me. Even if I can operate my system 10 hrs a day, it requires 30 days. Usually there is no refund policy in Korea over several days. I paid about 50 if calculated in USD. I know it is not expensive one but my other cables under 100 used to make an improvement immediately. But it would be my problem for patience if that long time of burn-in is mandatory for some cables.


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Oh, I forgot about DIY concerns.

The maker is not a company but he is making cables for a living and has many users in southern Korea. I am not sure whether you regard this kind of maker as DIY or not.

His USB cables is better for me than other hand-made or brand I tried like Kimber silver USB which is expensive double times. Currently I will not ask free samples of his power cable since I don't get any impression of the cable now.



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