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Cool. Please post your impressions!

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Got it today after 1-day express shipping!


The set up is very easy. The battery compartment is opened by twisting the ear phone lid, and the mechanism look a bit flimsy. It's ok to swap battery once in a while, but definitely not something I feel comfortable doing weekly, so I can't just buy a bunch of cheap AAA and hot swap on the fly without worrying about charging. The mechanism to charge to phone is ok. You place the thin metal electrode on the head phone band to the thin metal electrode on the station. It's pretty sturdy and I don't think it will break easily. But I don't think it is great because it is not a "drop and forget" station. You need to place the phone in the middle center correctly so that the electrode touch. The placement of the electrode is not such that you can just "drop and forget". Not a big deal but it would be nice if the charging placement is more forgiving.


I charged it for a couple of hours then quickly proceed to test it on my ipod. (I still haven't opened my new laptop yet, I was waiting for the head phone first, may be later today)


Both the headphone and the base station need to be powered on for the phone to work. I knew this before the purchase and didn't think it's a big deal, but I find it to be still slightly irritating in reality. Why can't the base station be left on indefinitely but toggle between sleep and active mode base on incoming audio signal?


There is a low but very audible hissing with either 0db or -8db setting when power is on both phone and station before any music is playing. I am sitting about 8 feet away from the station. It doesn't matter if I adjust the volume of the head phone up or down. Good thing is after music starts playing I no longer notice the hiss. 


The phones are very comfortable. And don't feel warm after listening to about 20 min so far. (I sweat a lot and I was really worried about steamy ears, and that's another reason I like 180 for it's open ear design.). The volume down button is slightly irritating because there is a power off button next to it. I can turn volume up and down with 100% accuracy without accidentially turning off the phone, but it is slightly irritating because it takes a bit of time (like 2 seconds) to feel your way around the phone's surface to find the volume down key. If you don't, there is a 50/50 chance you turn off off the phone instead. They really should have placed the power button some where else. 


Wireless is AWESOME. For this aspect alone I think I will be using RS 180 a lot more my S4. No more tripping tea / coffee / things over with the cable, and it feel really really good.  


Quality wise, it is very clear. High quality. There is no hissing or static when music is playing. I haven't break the phone yet with white noise. Compare to my Klipsch Image S4, the sound seem more natural and spacious, probably because RS180 is over the ear and S4 is in ear. RS 180 also has better separation / detail. I can hear the detail/separation that I couldn't before with S4. At first I thought the vocal on RS 180 didn't sound as good as S4, but after listening back and forth, I realize I was so use to the S4 it takes a while to get use the the different way they sound lol. 


Overall, after this quick test, I would say RS 180 is well worth the money for one reason: wireless. Even if sound quality is a little worse I would be willing to put up with it, but RS 180 actually has better sound quality than my wired S4! RS 180  didn't blew me away the same way that the S4 did when I upgraded from the default ipod phone to S4, but RS180 is at least slightly better! (need longer test to say if it's much or just slighlty better)

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Nice, glad you like the headphones, even if they weren't as big a step up as your S4 was.
The second pair usually isn't as drastic an improvement--diminishing marginal returns, unfortunately.
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more update after a week!


pro: sound quality is sounding better and better, it might be burn-in and i just need time to get used to it


con: micro drop is actually can be pretty bad when i am actively using wifi (online game or downloading) My router is in another room, about 8 feet away. if i am using wifi lightly it is tolerable (like surfing the web). no issue if i am not using wifi at all. 

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