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Pick my headphones

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After spending what seems like days sifting through thread after thread I thought I would post up a thread asking the community to pick my headphone. I will keep this short and sweet.



Metal ie: Lamb of God (high bpm and very present guitars) Korn (bass guitar, enough said)

Brutal Metal: Think of something that you wouldnt want your grandmother or even anyone else know you listen to. Deep vocals, high bpm, subdued bass guitar. IE: Amon Amarth, Cradle of Filth, Behemoth

Progressive Rock: Tool/Opeth (IMO they are two of the only bands that encompass every musical instrument into each and every song)

Classic Rock: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Doors ect

Euro: I dont really know what artist to label but I must admit that I like that techno/eurobeat/trance/dubstep whatever you want to call it. 


What I am looking for:


I am a basshead. I love stuff loud, but also am very ADD when it comes to EQ settings and trying to get the best clarity out of my music. Dont group me into those who all they want is to hurt their ears. If you can allow yourself to believe a metalhead is indeed an audiophile then please dig deep into your chest of audiophilia knowledge and help me pick out a headphone.


I currently own a pair of HD598s paired up to an old school Technics SA-EX300. They get me by with gaming and I do rather enjoy them, but they definitely lack the punch and forwardness I think I am looking for. Moreover, I just returned a set of AKG K550 because unless I kept my head perfectly still they would fall off my head and or would not seal. I did like them. I let them burn for over 50 hours and let me say that it is no myth that they sound a thousand times better than they did out of box. They were lively and bass was decent though still lacked what I wanted.


I am looking hard at the Denon AH-D600. Denon seems to have a pretty good track record when it comes to deep thumpy bass while maintaining the clarity of the rest of the soundstage. I think to sum this up for simplicity that I am looking for a cross between the Grado 325i and Denon AH-D600 or AH-D2000. Mind you that I will sacrifice a bit of bass for the sake of soundstage. 


I am looking to spend roughly $500 on the headphones and potentially even another $500 on a dac/amp combo. These will be used primarily at home in the confines of my man cave if that makes a difference on anyones opinion. 

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I highly recommend the HiFiMAN HE-400s + Fiio E17 AMP/DAC ($540 total) for your tastes.


Sure Grados might be better for metal, but these will give you EPIC bass quantity and quality. They are open, and are, IMO the best headphones for under $500.


You might, however, want to wait for a second opinion, but IMO these are definitely worth a look. I will also add that these are quite heavy, and may be uncomfortable, depending on your preferences.


Good luck!



EDIT: I forgot to add that these will perform very well with nearly any genre of music.

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I did look at those but isnt 93db a little on the lowside? Please by all means school me if I am wrong.

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Trust me, when paired with an amp, they can get LOUD.


(93db is the sensitivity btw, that just means they are supposed to be efficient, as in, they can be driven by an iPod.)

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+1 Hifiman HE-400


D5000 ?



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