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How would i go about getting Boeffla on a 4.2.2 rom(slim bean)


I have the sprint version(if it matters)

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Just install the N.E.A.K kernel ( there are others, but I really like NEAK ), then install the free NEAK engine from the playstore and you're good to go L3000.gif

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Loving this Note II + Sony MH1c combo!

Also loving my 9300mAh ZeroLemon battery...

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Can I use my own amp/DAC with the galaxy note 2? or will it only allow me to use the build in DAC???

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There's a list of compatible DAC/Amps around. Personally I use the Fiio E07K that works flawlessly in my experience.
Originally Posted by Avataradict23 View Post

Can I use my own amp/DAC with the galaxy note 2? or will it only allow me to use the build in DAC???
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I purchased my galaxy note 2 N7105 last week and and would like to share my experience about sound quality of this device.


Before I had a samsung galaxy S, which has a very good sound quality with voodoo sound. I was disappointed when I compare the note  II because it was not so good with the stock Kernel.


I tried to install Adam Kernel with boeffla sound, but I was still insatisfied : even with an external DAC (I Basso D zero), the sound wasn't clean, I could ear distinctly some distorsion.


I knew the phone was able to have excellent sound, because with "USB audio recorder PRO", which have its own driver, it was much much cleaner, but "USB audio recorder pro" doesn't work with others audio applications like Spotify, It can only read Flac and ogg files.


Finally I installed Perseus Kernel instead of Adam Kernel  (Perseus-alpha36.3-n7105) and It definitivly solved my problem : the sound quality on the phone jack is very good (neutral and detailled, clean, no more distortion, like the galaxy S). And with the external DAC it becomes excellent (more dynamic). The IBasso D0 works perfectly with the note 2


I would like to share this for those who are not satisfied by the galaxy note 2 sound quality.

Sorry for my english, I'm french

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For those running the perseus kernel, what are your audio settings in Stweaks?
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I like neutral and detailled sound, without excess of Bass, so I use the default settings : Speaker equalizer : Y Speaker left and right channel volume : 57 Speaker bost level : 6 Enable privacy mode : Y Headphone left and right channel volume : 63 (I set it "on the fly" with the app "headphone amp") Stereo expansion : 0 Enable headphone equalizer : Y Enable saturation prevention : Y Band 1 to Band 5 Gain : 0 Mic level general : 28 Mic level during active camera : 26 Mic level in call : 25 Enable FLL Tuning : Y Enable DAC oversampling : Y Enable DAC Direct : Y Force mono downmix : N
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Thanks for your STweak settings and for the headamp control app reference.  I was not aware of this app.

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Originally Posted by deadguy99 View Post

Anyone saying there is no hiss is most likely deaf i have the note 2 and there is definitely hiss but its not as bad as a lot of stand alone players and its easily 99% better than every other android i've ever tried. No popping noises or EMI or CPU noises that i can hear. And if you want to see that hiss does in fact exist get into a really quiet environment and put your phones in and make sure nothings playing then change your ringtone or alarm sound and you'll hear the amplifier kick in with a super quiet hiss and the hiss will remain for a few seconds after the sound is not being played and its definitely there with music.


That being said you will definitely need to get a custom recovery like TWRP loaded onto the device and load up one of the half dozen kernals that enable boeffla sound. And as for the Amplifier boost setting 45 is stock and it goes to 63 which is nothing but distortion but with no EQ you should be able to boost it to 55 and stay pretty clean but i recommend never going higher than 45 as every single db higher just makes the hiss louder so if you have super sensitive phones you might even want to tone it down to 40 if there's sufficient volume for you as you can reduce the hiss to inaudible levels.


I thought this was craziness when I read it a month ago, but now that I've moved off of Touchwiz (CleanROM Ace 4.9) and Perseus kernel to Beanstalk and N.E.A.K., I can hear it and it's *majorly* annoying. It's a short "hiss" that happens after any sound (even a notification). I've only found one thing that stops it: turn your phone to airplane mode. It gets dead silent with both the wi-fi and cellular radio turned off. 


That being said, I can't just run around with my phone unable to receive calls, so I'm going to try flashing Devil Kernel and a couple others praying that I get my previous silent headphone jack back. Otherwise, I may have to revert to my CleanROM Ace 4.9/Perseus for the time being. 


Edit: Thank you, Ganesha! My ears are saved. Devil Kernel got rid of the hiss completely. I'd recommend anyone that has the hiss to definitely try a kernel swap.


Edit 2: And no it's not. Once the headphone amp gets turned up, the hiss from the cellular radio is back -- unless it's in airplane mode. Reverting back to Perseus and CleanROM.

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Problem: Intermittent RF-like interference with USB audio streaming

Equipment: Galaxy Note2 connected via USB (OTG cable) to iBasso D-Zero


When streaming music (esp. Pandora), intermittently, annoying static will be introduced for a period which can vary from 5-30+ seconds. Sometimes, it will stop on its own and return to normal. Other times, I have to unplug the USB cable and reconnect. That will usually give me several minutes of clear music, but eventually, the interference/static problem recurs. When I have my headphones on, occasionally, the static jumps from one channel to the other! It reminds me of high-pitched radio interference; but, after much troubleshooting on my part, including Internet research, I have not been able to pinpoint a cause. If I connect the D-Zero to my laptop via standard USB cable, I can listen to streaming audio with no static. Similarly, if I plug my headphones directly into the Note2’s mini-jack, the music streams without incident. I also tried connecting the D-Zero to my wife's Galaxy S3 - no static or other interference problems at all! 


I wrote to iBasso asking if there could be a shielding problem with the USB audio cable, but they believe that the interference is most likely being generated by the phone itself. After my own testing, it seems likely that the Note2 is the culprit, but what could be causing the interference? An app? I have tried shutting down Bluetooth, GPS, Power Saving, Tasker, AVAST, and pretty much every other app that seemed a potential candidate. One post I read suggested that the pen stylus could be causing electromagnetic interference. Hmmm... I don't think that the problem is being caused by any other devices in my house (e.g., cordless phone, router, Roku), but I can't be certain. I have tried disconnecting everything I can think of; but, thus far, the only antidote I have found is to unplug the USB audio cable and reconnect it. 


I should mention that I have a ZeroLemon battery installed in this Note2, but it seems unlikely that it could be generating RF-like interference and only to the USB audio output stream. 


I am at wits end and would sure would appreciate help from this forum's experts. Any ideas or suggestions as to possible causes? 


Thanks, Ken

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Uneak sound is really great but already freezed 2times in 20min.
Any suggestion for similiar sounding kernel?
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Originally Posted by vivi91 View Post

Uneak sound is really great but already freezed 2times in 20min.
Any suggestion for similiar sounding kernel?


Devil (if you're on an AKOP ROM) or Perseus (if you're on TouchWiz).

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Perseus freezes as well. Trying Redpill now..

A little background info. My note has an "insane chip" which causes freezes every couple of minutes.

Upgrading to stock firmware 4.1.2/kernel helped/fixed the problem. Since I flashed the new kernels the problem is all back again...

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What a shame. Seems like only stock kernel works without freezes. Insane Chip is a pain. Curse you samsung hpjf-9hraij;lfaksj0239873846jhkfda No voodoo sound for me.
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