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thanks for the help then, going to try it in a bit

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I was going to say... don´t forget the backup but I think it is more appropriate: How did it go?

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hmm currently trying stweak, there is an improvement to the kick from the headphone and soundstage, maybe , i still have  to play round wit audio tweaks

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Originally Posted by Ashade View Post

I am so glad you decided to go with root in the end! Well, just to let you know: It is really really difficult to brick a Samsung phone. Soft-brick is not that difficult, but really easy to repair. Let me know how that redpkill kernel goes!! And if you don´t like it, it is as easy as flashing another kernel. I´d recommend you to flash a custom recovery such as TWRP and perform a NAND backup.



Not to mention, that in any case, he decides to go back to factory stock, all he has to do is to download the factory shipped rom his phone came with. LOL don't let them scare you with all that warranty being void if you root, because, if you do have to take your phone back for service or whatever, just un-root back to stock!  As Ashade said, Ever since my laggy ass HTC Hero back in the day transformed from P.O.S. to 'holyWTFhowdidmyPhonegetsofast?!?', I have rooted every Android device I got.  It's like rooting is switching from standard def to High def.  Once you watch HD, you can't go back to SD, lol.  

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Just got an International version of the Note 2, the one using a Wolfson’s WM1811 DAC.


Very pleased with what I listening from this device :)

No hiss at all with a nice black background and a good sound stage, mids are more forward than on my Sony F807, pair very well with the XBA-4 IEM.


The implementation of the DAC is better with the Note2 compared to the S3 that is using the same DAC, maybe the larger battery on the Note 2 play a role in this case ?

Some notes from GSMArena audio tests : http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_note_ii-review-824p8.php


Even more impressively, stereo crosstalk is the only thing to get damaged when we plugged in a pair of headphones. On that occasion the Note II produced one of the cleanest outputs we have seen from a mobile device and that includes the recently tested Apple iPhone 5.



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what file system do you format your flash cards with?

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FAT32. Not sure if it can read NTFS without rooting the device... Don't you mean the internal flash card right? I don't recommend you to do that manually.

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The Note 2 support exFAT out of the box for SD card.

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tx. i mean adding a MicroSDXC card. What file system to use and the max file size. Just wondering how big my movie files can be. Havent got the phone yet, its winging its way to me as i speak.

anyway so i can format as exfat and then use files over 4gb. Sweet!

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SDXC is exfat iirc , the note 2 can support SDXC cards I have tried a 64 gb one

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tx, i didnt know those cards came formatted with exfat.

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sadly even with the display settings set to maximum (adjust tone and auto off) i measure the brightness at just 250 cdm compared to my walkman z at 350 cdm. No chance of using in direct sunlight then.

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From GSM Arena : Sunlight legibility was good, too, although nothing spectacular.




May be you have a defective unit ? What about the sound compared to the Z ?


Source : http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_note_ii-review-824p3.php

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i havent compared compared headphone socket to headphone socket yet, just got this yesterday. I got the note for the usb audio out. Using usb into ibasso d12 and some esw9's the sound is sublime. Different planet to the walkman imho. Of course its not a fair comparison that way.

I dont know how they get that 400 figure for the note 2. If you search reviews you find a big variance in the brightness measurement and many giving my own figure of 250. Even visually you can see the whites are not as white as on the walkman.

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They maybe have different screen production, this is the case for the DAC, Wolfson for the international version or Qualcomm in some country, don't know why.

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