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hello all

i've been using my samsung infuse as my primary portable audio source for the past year or so. it has a wolfson DAC and a custom kernel with voodoo sound. i've been satisfied with this til now.

recently purchased a galaxy s3 and am disappointed with it's audio output.

i've heard a lot of great things about fiio's products and would like an opinion from others before making a decision/purchase.

the galaxy s3 has the ability to run usb audio out and i could use it with the e7. (unfortunately others have not had success using it with the e17, yet :( )

my question is: will the s3 with the fiio e7 sound better than the infuse with voodoo sound? i could easily sell the infuse and purchase an e7 with money to spare, but will it be an upgrade, or should i just keep the infuse for mp3 only?


i forgot to add that i use a pair of hippo vb headphones with the 2dot caps on them. not sure if that matters or not. i just want to get the best sound possible and if i can make an upgrade in my rig without investing any more cash, i'd like to.

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