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For Sale:

Will Ship To: U.S.

Built this a while back and really luv it, but need to downsize. I just have way too much 
headphone stuff. I updated the 2 large caps in the photos to Mundorfs. There are a few 
scratches on the top of the mounting plate, one is about an inch long, but I was not able to 
capture them in the photos. The light has to be just right. The wood has not been finished 
yet (just glued together), so you can stain, varnish to your liking. This amp has switches to
match your headphones and also has balanced output. Check the Bottlehead site for more info. 
Did an excellent job with my HD800, Denon Mark Lawton D5000, AKG Q701, and even my harder to 
drive LCD2s sounded great with plenty of output. The 8 rating is for the few scratches on the 
mounting plate that occurred during the build, but overall I would say it's a 9. The Smack 
has roughly 20-30 hours of head time since completion and works flawlessly.  Shipping & PP 
fees incurred by buyer.  


Bottlehead charges for assembly of a finished, working amp, so please bear this in mind when considering purchase.

Thanks for looking,



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