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Ouch, that's not good.....
Originally Posted by JohannLiebert View Post

The MDR-1 is a bright headphone for me, treble sounds a bit metallic.
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"The Sony MDR-1RS are due to arrive with us on the 29th October and your order will be shipped as soon as they arrive."


Thought they were in stock already... A few weeks more I guess...

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received mine today. they are fantastic!


most comfy cans I ever tried, yes even better then beyers. clamping is just enough for them to sit right, pads are SUPER Soft and feel great. I dont feel like I have to take them of ever.


bass is very punchy and blends in perfectly with the rest. it doesn't overpower, just the right amount (for me).


mids are definitly more forward than in most v shaped cans.


treble is very detailed but is not sibilant at all. just had a quick comparison with the TF 10 and in the song "Metric-Speed the collapse" the TF10 is sibliant as hell but the 1R makes it sound much more pleasant.



12 hours of straight listening ahead dt880smile.png

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Originally Posted by Uruha View Post

I was surprised to read that these are not as bassy as intended. Thanks for the comparison, Anakchan!

This might actually be a good thing as I listen to a lot of rock/metal.

If someone could tell me how [the Gazette - Kago no Sanagi] sounds like with the MDR-1R, I would appreciate it! Is it completely clear? Can you follow all the bass kicks very easily? How do they cymbals sound?

Its between the 1R, M80/100 for me.


EDIT: I found out there is no good quality upload of this on youtube. There is a stupid shortened version and a reduced vocal one. So how about this song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_qdlf-g9sk

It's actually all relative. I've had the M-100 & Momentums for as long as I've had the MDR-1Rs & comparatively they're not as bassy as the other two.

However I've spent a good 3-4 hrs with the MDR-1RBT which are similar to the MDR-1R and the bass is quite satisfactory.
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So,as requested, i write my initial impressions on the MDR-1R that i got yesterday from Sony Online shop Ireland.


I couldn't spend much time with them yesterday evening (maybe half an hour,then i had to go out for a dinner) so my impressions will be general,short and please take them as a grain of salt normal_smile%20.gif




They are very well packaged and i could feel the "Premium quality" unboxing them. I would say the Packaging is almost as good as Apple Products. They come with 2 cables (one with mic/remote for Apple products) and one straight (by the way it was written on a sticker on the box that the second cable was "exclusive and limited"), a carrying pouch and few manuals.


Look and build quality:


They look Awesome,serious and modern at the same time. I think these cans are one of the most beautiful cans i have ever seen. My girlfriend was with me when unboxing and although she is not very interested in headphones ,she said "Hey,these headphones look amazing!" They are not too big (as i was afraid of) and just good size to be portable.


The build quality is good as well although no fancy new zealand leather as the B&W P5.They are made of metal and very good quality plastic and they don't feel cheap and too delicate.




The cables feel sturdy and i actually really like them,not too thick and not too thin like the one you get with the B&W P5. The remote is very nice too. Sony claims that they designed the cables to not tangle and,as far as i could see,i'm prone to believe it.


Now the disappointing part:The carrying pouch.

For such Premium pair of headphones i would have expected an hard case or a better pouch. The pouch instead,although doesn't look cheap,just disappointed me as i feel it will not protect the headphone when carrying them in a bag.for a 300 EUR Headphones Sony could have given a better case, i will look if i can find and buy online the hard case they give with the Mdr-1rNC but really Sony,this was disappointing!




These are the most comfortable headphones i have ever tried,even more than the B&W P5.Period. The clamping force is very light and they are nicely padded (very soft pads). Having small ear they are circumaural for me more than supra-aural. Anyway, people with bigger ears will not have any comfort issue with these as the pads are soft and nice.I can see myself wearing them for hours without any problem or fatigue. They are light too.




They seems to isolate well but less than,for example, "isolation champions" like the beyer DT1350. As for the sound leakage i don't really know as i couldn't measure it but it should be ok.i will make tests for sound leakage this weekend.




Warning - Impressions from 30 mins listening.

Ok,yesterday evening i didn't really have a lot of time to try these headphones but my initial impressions are really positive. They are balanced and detailed headphones,not bass cannons but the bass it's there and hits.They are not coloured to my ears and more detailed and not as fat sounding as the B&W P5.My iPhone 4 was driving them fine and with good volume.

I'm afraid i can't give more details just with 30 minutes of listening, i will spend for sure more time with them this weekend though.


I can say that at the moment they are candidate to be my favourite pair of portable headphones (and i have quite of few headphones in my collection)smily_headphones1.gif

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How is subbass/rumble with these phones?

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Some one should test Late Night Tip (from Three Six Mafia) with these phones also!! :-p

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Does anyone know if the MDR-1R BT supports APT-X like the Ultimate Ears 9000?


It should have a big "APT-X" logo on the front of the box if it does.


The manuals on Sony's site it seems like it should support APT-X since there is support for Bluetooth specification Version 3.0+EDR.

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Well my pair is enroute to me since yesterday, so if I'm lucky I will have them Monday or Tuesday next week. Not sure if I will get 1 or 2 cables so will report that when they arrive. The early reviews and impressions have me very excited. Looking forward to the new arrival.
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They are already on sale in HongKong yesterday at 1880HKD, which is about 240-250USD.

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How people who own them feel about the portability of MDR-1R and isolation? I would get them mainly for portable use.

Surprised for the quite competitive price of 279 euros they are being sold directly from Sony here. Would be available right away and i'm really close to just ordering them. :)


Also liking what people have been saying about the sound of these and you can't beat that brown leather and silver metal look. 

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Originally Posted by alpha10 View Post

Ouch, that's not good.....


Well, the people I work around consider the AiAiAi TMA-1 perfectly balanced. The majority of everyday people prefer a dark signature, so I don't know that says. I like a little bright treble for cymbals and some sparkle - a la (Audio-Technica M50, WS55, CKS77) and find the likes of Philips and the M-Audio Q40 headphones too dark.


People like what they like, I don't have a dog in this fight.



Personally, I am kind of relived that Sony went with a more balanced and brighter signature. Most of their IEMS that I've tried over the years tended to roll the treble off somewhat. I was afraid that they would go the Philips route.

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Originally Posted by dweaver View Post

Well my pair is enroute to me since yesterday, so if I'm lucky I will have them Monday or Tuesday next week. Not sure if I will get 1 or 2 cables so will report that when they arrive. The early reviews and impressions have me very excited. Looking forward to the new arrival.

oh, i am excited to read your impressions

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Haha I find it funny how excited we are of people receiving theirs! beyersmile.png

I was convinced about getting these...until I listened to the UE6000. These things sound amazing, and are $100 USD less and with noise cancelling at that. 

I'm having trouble making up my mind :(

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The added bass when using the noise cancelling on the UE6000 scares me enough to pass on them for now. I am hopefully the isolation of these will be enough for me on the Ctrain and walking downtown. Signature wise the comments made so far sound like what I want so I hope I hear these the same way as some of the posters so far.

Speaking of impressions I wouldn't mind hearing more as I wait for my pair to arrive. wink.gif
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