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The Mojo makes every headphone shine :P


I still have my Sony MDR 1R even after my Focal Elear/Ether C and i still love them!


They are amazing with the dynamat mod, i hope you modded yours as well.

Yea ive been using my Ether Cs a lot and using many of my other headphones in comparison, but after using my Ether Cs for a month at work i couldnt deal with worrying about scratching them every time i took them off anymore so i took the 1Rs to work and this was the first time using the 1Rs with my mojo. They sound so good! The sound plus that famous 1R comfort is sublime. Ive owned them for over a year and i havent ever enjoyed them this much. Very musical.


I havent dont the dynamat mod because im not quite sure what that does to the sound.. Is there some kind of explanation for that?