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I will be kind to my Boyfriend from Germany, he has some beaten-up 20 year old Sennheisers. I tried them when i was at his home (our first real meeting) they had very worn pads, headband was almost broken and they had some distortion


So I will gift him this christmas My barely used Ultrasone HFI-780 (bought them in 2013) and i will replace those (for me) with the MDR-1R :biggrin: (excuse... he has no hi-res files :p)

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At first listen they sound nice, and detailed, perhaps a little more brighter than my XBA-H3 but i find fine, at least not sooo bassy as some say, testing with Haydn symphony 104 "London"

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Oh, so the fix for the jack in the left cup is just an addition to the cable?

Nobody knows how to reach the jack itself?


Well, I guess I won't have issues for now using one of my own cables that doesn't leave any wiggle room then.  :atsmile:


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To me, these headphones have got a good sound but not a really good one. What we can appreciate in the MDR-1R is the design and of course they're really comfortable, one of the most comfortable headset I've ever had !

I think they're a bit expensive but you will enjoy how comfortable they are !

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Well, without upgrade earpads and Dynamat dampening on the backs of the drivers, the sound is totally uncompetitive with the other good closed-back headphones at $100-200: ATH-M50x, HD380, HD280, DT770pro, SRH840, HDH50, K545, and KNS8400.

Also gets beat by M80, HD25-1, and Momentum On-ear or Urbanite among portables.


Or basically, it just blows.  Purely lucky that Sony didn't put crappy drivers in this can, and that a little modding is all it needs to show off how good it can be.


And this is just the Mk1, not the improved Mk2.

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