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For Sale: FS: Vsonic GR06

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For Sale:
FS: Vsonic GR06

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For Sale:

Vsonic GR06

those are great IEMs, with excellent mids. and overall SQ. 

also bested higher priced for Comfort.



no need to write anything...; 

just search this name ("GR06") on this site, and you'll find plenty of great reviews!

anyways, they are considered best SQ/PRICE for this cat.


What's Included in price

Original Box + Everything that came with it (see pictures)

Shipping to wherever you want

PayPal fees


NOT included in price

your country's INCOME tax/VAT



world-wide (almost everywhere)

pkg. will be sent as a registered international parcel. (will provide tracking# + related docs.)

ETA is usually 7-14 days.



50$ USD, PayPal only 


PayPal / Email: eyal1983@gmail.com



thanks for watching,


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