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For Sale:
Stax SRS-005S

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello all,


I would like to sell a Stax SRS-005S (Baby Stax SR-003 + SRM-252S amplifier combo). I am willing to sell separately. PM me for details.


Re the items:


Stax SR003 - This is the 'in the ear' Earspeaker that Stax has made. This version is the pro jack version which has 5 pins and can work with any pro bias stax amplifier. I bought it from Kuboten and thus it does not come with a box. It has the stock large tips, but it can use any normal UE type eartips. It looks great and I cannot spot any defects. Sound is normal and there is no channel imbalance.


I will let this go at $180 USD. Shipping and paypal fees to be borne separately by buyer. I ship from Singapore.


Stax SRM-252S - This is a transportable small amplifier for all stax pro bias earspeakers. It is in like new condition. All manuals and boxes included. I will throw in a 110v - 230v dc adapter that makes the amp work with any country. Of course the stock japan 110v adapter is included. The amp is great and sounds linear even with the SR007.


I will let this go at $250 USD. I will bear shipping costs up to $30 USD. Paypal fees to be borne by buyer. I ship from Singapore.


Pictures here:


If you want both items, I will let them go at $400 USD, shipping costs covered up to $30 usd, paypal borne by buyer. 


Please PM me if you have any questions. I am open to negotiations.


Thank you!

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