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Umm judging by your question you didn't know, umm, i did mention they were mmcx and that the steep angle makes it difficult for the wire to go over your ear so umm the wire does nothing to support the iem.
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Answered in previous reply
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ugh darn i was about to upload the photos but the embedding thing is taking ages (asian connection services lol).
due to its stiff memory wire, i managed to mold the wire such that the apex of the arch is parallel to mmcx connection and the space between them very narrow (where the very 'flap' of ear slips between). this avoids the iem rotating backward (like u do when inserting) and the more weight is taken by the ear pina, it felt weightless... the only trouble is the bulk of the connector protrudes to the front/anterior of the ear because of the "parabola-pointing-forward-like" mold i got a section of cable reaching out to the top of my cheeks... i was hoping thats where the angled connectors might help
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Originally Posted by VL View Post

This is not a matter of opinion, but its a fact.  We have been working through component shortage issue with our supplier in the past few mont and we have been shipping products to our dealers since early this month.


I just got off the phone with Logitech this morning regarding an issue with another device (UE 4000) and when asked specifically about the UE 900S they said it was being discontinued.  When I asked if it was no longer being manufactured she said that was correct, and confirmed we were discussing the UE900S in ears and not the 9000 headphones.


So Logitech is misinformed?

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Try checking with pro.ultimateears.com
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Yes, you are correct, they do not have the right information in this case.  The 4000s and other over-the-ear headphones by UE have been discontinued for a few years now.  We are expecting a shipment landing next week and we will be able to fulfill orders again on pro.ultimateears.com.


Thanks for checking!

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Hi all,


I was looking for a pair of decent IEMs for my office and ones I didn't have to be too careful leaving around and saw the UE900s from this place for $240:




I ordered via PayPal and got it in 2 business days from Hong Kong to SF. These appear to be the "real" 900S version with the unibody mould (blue) of the MMCX connector. The box has Korean and Chinese so not US version, but it came with the same white box that clearly says 900S and has 2 sets of tips and cables plus a nice storage box and a little tube of Detoxit (will use to clean the pins on my tubes LOL). The best part is the extra tips fit my K10s so going to try some of those out.


Pretty decent sound. I had some TF10s some time back and from what I can remember, these are more balanced and best part is I don't hear the really sharp treble from the TF10s. Still, a fun sound and perfect for just background listening to Spotify/Itunes streams and noise isolation in the office. My on-ear cans tend to get warm in the afternoon so these will be much appreciated. I do like how they sit very flush with the ear and pretty comfortable. I am using some extra Spinfit tips and seems like a good combo.

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My right earphone starting to lose the sound and making the noise due to connection issue. I have around 5 different mmcx cables, but this issue shows up only on my recently used cable. Can anyone recommend which one of them should help to clean up connections?



I have refurbished UE900, connections type is gold-plated POSITIVE and nickel GROUND, similar to this one http://www.head-fi.org/t/624973/ultimate-ears-ue-900-discussion-and-impressions-thread/2865#post_10414281.

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Well, if this helps - the Detoxit tube I got with my recent UE900s purchase is the red fluid.

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Was thinking about taking the plunge into a new set of UE900s. From the build quality issues of the UE900, its slightly concerning. Has there ben any reports of UE900s having the same issues?

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A UE900S user here for the past 3 month. Nothing wrong with it up til now. Quite happy with my purchase 😀
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I am a new owner so can only comment on the eye test. IMHO, the quality looks good, but not great at a sub $300 price point. Any higher price, you start getting into Shure models and I have yet to see better quality and service for universals than Shure.


The box and accessories are really nice and comparable to much higher price points.

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I'm on the edge of buying a pair of UE900S', but I have a few queries:

1. Are all UE900S now legitimate unibody UE900S?

2. Australia doesn't have many importers for it, the closest one I could find is DWI Digital Cameras. If it is a grey importer, would warranty apply for me?
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