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As a fairly new UE 900 owner I can say I like the sound, very balanced but smooth, the build quality is a bit of a concern.
If the UE 900 indeed were dicontinued due to quality issues it's an epic fail by Logitech/ UE.
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WOW, this is sad, I have 2 pairs and now it's discontinued.
However, I guess I am expecting UE950 ? or next successor of UE900 ?.
My 4 cables (2 from each pair) are already dead.
Now using the Shure cables as a replacement and it's been so far so good.

The braided blue and black cables are really annoying, so fragile that I can't use it at the gym.

The blue plastic housing should be replaced as well to more sturdy or harden housing. And please have more color choices than just blue.
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Originally Posted by JacobHansen View Post

First time poster, long time lurker here :)


Got the UE900 about one month ago, was happy with them, sound brilliant. Now yesterday while trying to change the cable though this happneded: http://www.head-fi.org/t/624973/ultimate-ears-ue-900-discussion-and-appreciation-thread/1980#post_9502254, only my connector is broken too.


I guess this is the build quality issue you guys have mentioned?


More to the point, before I contact logitech, how's peoples track record in getting replacements/money back from these issues? (this is a looong thead :) )


Really disappointed in this, didn't use any force, no way in hell I imagined that they would break from that, wow. Today marks exactly 1 month of getting them delivered.

Exactly! This has happened to a lot of people, this thread is full of examples. It doesn´t seem to be just an isolated issue. As you can see in that picture you linked to (mine actually) there is no plastic melting glue holding the shell together. It´s bound to break down eventually. After I glued mine together with real superglue (one after which you can´t open the shells anymore) it´s been 100% solid ever since. I got extremely lucky when my shell broke down because there is a small cable inside the IEM that could get ripped and then it´s paperweight. The small cable is held on the other part of the shell, but luckily I noticed it and the IEM survived. 


Eventually the second shell will probably do the same and in a few months you´ll meet the second major build quality issue: the MMCX connectors will start failing and you´ll get audio channel cutouts when you move your head walking with the IEMs on. It´ll get progressively worse and worse and then you´ll have to switch to the other cable in the box. That will fix it for a while until it breaks down too. Sorry to be pessimistic, but that´s just my (and tens of others) experience with this IEM :)


I learned two things from the UE900: (1) never buy an IEM that uses MMCX connectors (go for one that uses the Westone 2-pin one instead) and (2) never buy an IEM that uses glued together standard plastic shells (at the very minimum demand a metal shell or 3D printed acrylic like in the Fischer Amps FA series). Shure´s plastic shell seems to hold up pretty well though, there seems to be less reports of their shell breaking down - but they have another issue: the nozzle is easy to break when removing tips. That´s also unacceptable in my book.


The good news however is that Logitech has really good customer service, you´ll probably easily get a replacement or even perhaps the inevitable UE950 that fixes the UE900´s problems. Sound quality wise I fully agree with you, the UE900 is one of my favorite sound signatures I´ve heard so far. It´s such a well engineered IEM when it comes to sound. Balanced, delicate, neutral and non-fatiguing. It´s just the build that is completely shameful and just the fact that it´s been continued this quick is indeed, as another poster here said, "epic fail". How long was the legendary Triple.fi 10 on the market? Ages... This is a major PR disaster for UE. It´s a high end IEM meaning many customers will Google it and land on this thread (Head-Fi is the web´s largest headphone forum after all) and needless to say, this thread isn´t exactly the best advertisement available :) Oh and welcome to Head-Fi!


EDIT: Some say you can fix the audio channel cutouts with applying a certain cleaning agent (Deoxit) on the connectors every now and then, but I don´t think that´s very reasonable to expect customers to do. There are plenty of cables that last well, this just isn´t one of them!

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Before reading this topic I didn't know much about issues of UE900. I had a pair of Shure se535 sold because of sound cutting I previously had with one cable. Once I get a second cable from seller (bought them used with this problem) I've immediatly sold them (also because the sound wasn't good enough for me).

If my 900 must get broken (hope no because I love them) I hope to recive a 950 as replacement :D

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My first UE900 broke and was replaced, now my second UE900 after almost a year of usage has an issue too. The right side is quitter than the left side. Just after i replaced the cable and bought new tips. Awesome, anyone experienced this too?
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Went to InEarz's facebook page and saw a reshelled UE 900...I thought that wasn't a good idea?

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Reshelling UE900 isn't a good idea.
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Originally Posted by MoonYeol View Post

Reshelling UE900 isn't a good idea.


Why not?


Presuming the people reshelling it know what they are doing and can take the port issues into account and balance the sound correctly, then what's the problem?

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Well, if they are reshelled properly with the ports and resonances considered I don't see any problem in doing it. 

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Tsk tsk Logitech. The high end of the iem market is the last place where you should cut corners and have quality control issues. Way to tarnish the UE name and I hope that Logitech has learned from the discontinuation of the UE900. Logitech offered to sell me the UE900 for $300 a few months ago in which is a good deal in Australia, but I turned it down because of the QC issues it had. Glad I spent the money on a used TF10 and ER4PT instead.

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Just an update on my situation, Logitech sent a new shipment UE900 to me today.


So even though the product my be very very fragile, at least there's no problems getting it replaced -- as long as you're under warranty. Fear a bit for when my warranty expires.

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I went to Logitech website, where it says it's discontinued ?
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Originally Posted by Canadian411 View Post

I went to Logitech website, where it says it's discontinued ?

You can't order from the website direct (at least the eu/uk one anyway).

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Originally Posted by Canadian411 View Post

I went to Logitech website, where it says it's discontinued ?


I couple of head-fiers reported they contacted the Logitech and were told the UE 900 have been discontinued. It was updated a few days ago. Search previous posts in this thread.
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Very curious about what they will bring to the table after the UE900.
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