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Certainly not listed to buy on the logitech uk site. Should still be able to get stock through the likes of amazon etc right now.
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Yeah, they are discontinued. They had a really short lifespan for a flagship earphones. I mentioned it 2 weeks ago. This is why they were heavily discounted.
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Originally Posted by davehutch View Post

Spoke to someone at Logitech as I was hoping to buy them direct. They tell me they have been discontinued...is that correct?
Are you saying that the. Ue 900 are discontinued?? Are they coming out with a new one already.? Maybe I missed something somewhere in this thread.. Is so I'm sorry lol
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You can buy them from the US / CA site but not the UK / EU sites?

Isn't the US site a little more reference when it comes to logictech products than UK site?

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I hope not as it's a European (Swiss) company.

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Oh, my bad.


I've always thought Logitech was a US company :D

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UE900 discontinued? I guess they weren't selling well, or too plagued by quality issues. Either way I'm happy I picked up one of the last pairs. Well made, as far as I can tell. No build issues so far, but it's only been two weeks. I'm hoping the UE950 will be even better. Put in 5 drivers!

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Nah...sort of like what Westone did....they will come up with an updated TF10.  Probably use the tooling on the UE900 housing, change color and give it a better cable, charge $349 and make a ton of money.

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Now that sounds interesting.  I never really did care much for the UE900 or W4.  

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Received a replacement UE 900 last week, so I guess Logitech still has some left. 

Can't believe they are already discontinued.

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I placed an order on Taobao for some UE900s just yesterday, been wading through this thread in order to get up to speed and then I get to the punchline: they've been plagued by quality control issues and have been discontinued!! Oh well.. I didn't pay a lot for them (about $200) so it's not the end of the workd, and maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones. 


Either way, I'm looking forward to finding out what they sound like with my new DX50. It's been doing a good job with my old Klipsch s4as, so hopefully the UE900s will be an even better match... while they last!

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Wow. Discontinued. Maybe I should keep my other pair as a backup, wait until the new version comes out and then hope the old ones break.
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Discontinued? This has to be the fastest product cancel from a major manufacturer in a long time. As an UE900 owner I have to say good riddance... The build quality is utterly shameful. First the shell cracked into two, then the first cable broke (or the connector?), then the second! I feel bad for the engineers responsible for the driver tuning though - sound quality wise the the UE900 is still a good product!

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Well I'm raally satisfied about overall quality of the UE900. Hope they don't get broken in the future, also because they have been discontinued.. I'n pretty surprised!
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First time poster, long time lurker here :)


Got the UE900 about one month ago, was happy with them, sound brilliant. Now yesterday while trying to change the cable though this happneded: http://www.head-fi.org/t/624973/ultimate-ears-ue-900-discussion-and-appreciation-thread/1980#post_9502254, only my connector is broken too.


I guess this is the build quality issue you guys have mentioned?


More to the point, before I contact logitech, how's peoples track record in getting replacements/money back from these issues? (this is a looong thead :) )


Really disappointed in this, didn't use any force, no way in hell I imagined that they would break from that, wow. Today marks exactly 1 month of getting them delivered.

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