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PopArtist,I had the exact same issue. The right earpiece just stop working. I contacted Logitech. They agreed to replace my UE900 at no cost. They were still under warranty.

So far no problems with the new ones. My original UE900 were bought as soon as they were available. I think they have recently improved the build quality.

Today, I purchased upgrade cables from HPL Audio ( chris_himself). I will report on how they sound.

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I had these ue 900 with white damper/filter or no damper/filter for almost two month now and so fat I did not have any issue With the wire causing the sound to cut out. The 900 had alot of sibilance compared to my other batch models, which basically had none. When the pin hole finally filled up naturally, the presentation of the sound change was different from the previous batch also. The mids sounded more realistic and the sub bass increase was greater, so much so that I had to turn my average listing LV down about 2 lvs or 3 depending on the songs, this is the complete opposite from the previous batch, Which caused me to turn the volume up. Furthermore, the overall presentation was more bright after the pin hole got block. This batch still have the sibilance from time to time but its no where near how it was in the beginning, most of the time I dont notice it. Well that's it as far as the difference that I noticed between the old batch and this new design or bad batch dont know which one it is. P.S I'm not good at review so I have no ideal if this will prove useful or not. Just adding to what I wrote the other day, the sound difference between these and the old model/batch pin hole being block is almost as if ue implemented it to sound the way it dose now whereas before it was an accident and it just so happen to sound better (dont know if it was an accident or not because ue never confirmed or denied this). Idk how to explain it but its almost like these sound like a more refined verson of the block pin hole of the old 900 when the pin hole of this version is block.
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Originally Posted by quarath051b View Post


My serial number starts with "1238CL"... 


And having issues with the drop outs :(


Giving them one last day to fix themselves before sending them in for repair... sigh....




Where can I find my serial number ? I've been experiencing drop outs in my left earpiece using Black cable. I have temporarily changed to the Blue cable and so far have not experienced any issue. My UE900 are roughly 3 months old and prior to these I had experienced build quality issues with several sets of UE350 & UE400 which usually resulted in the left earpiece dying. I have tried touching the connection points to see if it directly affects drop outs but it doesn't.. The drop outs seem random but are occurring more and more frequently just a temporarily loss of sound in left earpiece on/off etc.


From what I'm reading, this is a common issue ?


Edit: my PID number on both cables is 1243

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Originally Posted by swiftkidd View Post




Where can I find my serial number ?

Should be on the box sticker.

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Tried my friends pair out, they sound very similar to the UE 700 logitech version. Atleast to me.

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Originally Posted by KorkiPoo View Post

Tried my friends pair out, they sound very similar to the UE 700 logitech version. Atleast to me.


The 700 should have a much more forward midrange and less bass extension.  Should also be brighter too...  

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Originally Posted by Spyro View Post

Should be on the box sticker.


Thanks for your response. I decided to try my Black cable again and have just noticed the color markings white & red triangles which signify the left and right channel have rubbed clean off, so I had to perform a little channel test and had to put them on the correct way. I've only had these for three month but also experienced a similar issue with UE 350 the L & R rubbed clean off with-in two days which was really inconvenient because there was no other way to tell apart from a channel test. I'm not a earphone enthusiast and have only owned a handful of IEM's but is this a common issue ?


They charge £20 plus £10 delivery for replacement cable and I'm really starting to believe Logitech's build quality is just terrible. They've been good in the past by collecting and replacing up to 10 faulty items in the past two years and have also provided me 50% off on two new flagship products which cost £300 each so saved me a couple hundred pounds but that has been well earned by the amount of emails and time I've spent arranging replacements and they told me this time they would not provide replacements only a refund of the original I paid. I really like Logitech products and own Logitech webcam, touch screen stereo speakers, Ultimate Ears 900 and a 5.1 surround sound system and have not abused or misused any of their products. All my IEM's have lived permanently on my desktop. Have never been used whilst exercising or at work or traveling and never wear them to bed. I leave them plugged in to my speakers and when finished either hang them over my monitor or just placed around the side.

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Originally Posted by tinyman392 View Post


The 700 should have a much more forward midrange and less bass extension.  Should also be brighter too...  

I've got the logitech version though which is known to be alot more balanced out compared to the first one.

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I'm going to buy a pair of UE900 so I'm subscribing this thread. I'll pay 185 € for used... theese are pretty hard to find in my country. 

Meanwhile I'm going to sell my TF and I'm hoping to don't regret this choice!

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Awesome thread, but with 156 pages of info sometimes its hard to search for answers.  Sorry if this has been asked/replied to before.


I just got mine UE900, serial number on the box was covered with a new sticker and has 1332NBxyz on it.  Should I assume its a new batch with fixed problems?  I have been listening to these for almost a week and no problems with audio either using black or blue cables.  The problem is that I'm not too crazy about these braided cables (constantly gets tangled up) and I absolute hate that flex-wire clear tube around earpiece end which bends around your ears.  I'm used to wearing IEH with wire dangling down which is awkward with OEM wires (and IMHO, oem wires look so flimsy - I would afraid to pull on these by accident).  I know there are some fancy cable replacements with pricing $100 and up, but after a quick search on ebay it came up with two choices for $16-$22.  I know those most likely are not using a quality wire, but for a general comfort of wearing with while using my Note 2, and considering how durable they look and $22 has in-line remote, do you guys have any opinion or experience ordering these from ebay:






I like the red one with angled plug and in-line mic, although not crazy about "beats" red color.  The other black one looks kind of cheap.  So, any suggestions or recommendation or experience using these?  I'm not looking for anything expensive, just need something more durable and being able to use with wires down.


Another comment, I keep reading about sound improvements after pinhole is closed.  Is this something you would recommend doing right now or waiting for a "natural" closure of it?  How would I even go about it on my own to close that pinhole?

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After listening a while with the pinhole open. I knew that I never wanted it that way again. For me the bass is too much with semi blocked pinholes and no adapter. But that's me. Anyway. I blocked with surgical tape first. Then I realised that it would be close to impossible to partially block the hole with that. I ended up using adhesive mass and a needle/few strains of a broken cable. To get that really small hole. But to block it completely I would say some kind of tape is probably the easiest and most reversible.


As for the cables I don't know anything. I use the stock black cables but I've thought about trying something else. If you buy any of those, please report if there are any differences :)

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Just recived my UE 900 yesterday. Compared to TF this sounds more natural, with better mid and high. Bass seems to be more accurate and precise but with less "punchy" to my ears.

This are not burned-in as TF but the overall sound quality is better and absolutely top-notch. I think this is a more audiophile sounding headphones. 

the comfort has been improved a lot, just like the astonish cables, really pretty, wich tend less to tangle and with great performance!


What a GREAT headphones!

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What's the easiest way to cover up the hole for more bass?  tape?  How much bassier does it get?

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