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Originally Posted by jay19 View Post

For those with issues with sound cutting out, I'm now thinking it may be a problem with the cable, and not the drivers itself. Ive owned a pair of UE900 without any issues, but returned them to go with the SE535 ltds. Liked the cables of the UE900 so much that i bought a pair to use with my 535, and for the first time am noticing crackling/sound cutting out from the earpieces if connector is moved. Prior, the 535s never experienced any problems with the stock cable


This is probably the cause of the problem, I wouldn't doubt it.  However, this would easily explain the cutting out.  However, some people have stated only hearing the crackling at high volumes, not low.  I have no clue why (or if it was just a coincidence).  Cable can be cleaned pretty quickly.  

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Originally Posted by dwizard View Post

I think it is a thin film on connector from manufacturing process because like I said earlier after using them for a bit I have not had a problem. Just connect disconnect a few times and twist connector around to rub the film away.


This was exactly what I thought it was too a few months back.  Truth is, we don't know what the cause is, but it's most likely this.  

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so the shure cables will work on the 900's?

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Originally Posted by tannerbnd View Post

so the shure cables will work on the 900's?


Others have said they do.  I have had no chance to test them though (don't have any Shure cables).  It's the same connector though.  

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I just recieived my ue900 cables last night and can confirm that they do work with the shures (so im guessing shure cables will work with ue900s too). Only had a short listen with them, but the UE cables seem to increase the soundstage, but have less bass impact. Havent had time to A/B them yet, so take that with a grain of salt

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Gonna give the Apple Store one more chance and see if I can resolve this connector issue. If not I'll just pick it up from logitech. 

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I tried my Shure iphone cable on my UE900 today and it works fine. Like the UE iphone cable it does reduce the treble a bit but is a very comfy cable as I do find the memory wires more of a pain than beneficial and I like a smooth cable. So for those looking for an iphone alternative the Shure iphone cable is a definite option.

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I am completely in love with the signature of the UE900. While I miss more bass on a handful of songs the bass is adequate for 95% of mu music and the mids and treble is spot on for everything I listen to. The sound stage is wonderful as well being true to the music. The level of detail is just exceptional without sacrificing any dynamic life which I have noticed with several BA IEM's I have owned.

the difference in the iPhone cable to the straight cable is also interesting as it allows me two slightly different signatures. The iPhone cable will be great for those wanting to reduce the treble a bit, making the IEM less fatiguing.

I really hope my pair stands up to time as I don't want to switch away from these. I also think they are more comfortable than the bean shaped shells of most higher end IEM's and they look so darn cool!
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Originally Posted by Leong428 View Post

To reiterate my UE 900s (batch 1243) sound perfect but after only 2 weeks there has been a slight chip off the black coating on my left earphone - and I baby the hell out of these things! Purely cosmetic but at this price point I expect nothing less

Same thing here. The black coating is very easy to scratch.

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I wonder if there is anything that could be put on them to toughen the finish up, a lacquer of some kind. I am not trying to defend UE on their product here, I just really like the sound and looks of this IEM and would be willing to go that extra step to protect these from damage and maintain their sound qualities.
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Reading this thread it seems obvious to me that Logitech needs a V2 with better QA and a fix to all these reported issues. Good customer service would be a public apology and a statement regarding any fixes being implemented the upcoming batches. This isn't pretty, quite shameful actually for a flagship product. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm most likely going to buy one these soon too. I'm sure the tuning is superb like in other UE products.
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Originally Posted by soundbored View Post

When I first purchased my UE900's the right earphone would make a "crackling" sound when the cord moved, similar to what others have experienced. I twisted the right earphone 360 degrees back and forth a few times and it fixed the problem, never to return. The black cord that i have used all along is from Batch 1236.

Got mine on friday, and had the same issue. 


Actually I didn't know about all those issues until now that i'm reading this thread.  


I just removed the shirt clip and the crackling sound disappeared. 


Other than that small issue, I'm perfectly in love with them. 


I owned triple Fi 10's that I lost before that and can hear the difference. 


There's more detail (for example on the scientist by coldplay, you can hear both the piano key and the cord inside the piano being hit), instruments are better separated, voices cleaner (example with Seal you can hear that he's not "pushing" his voice).


I already heard the importance of production/recording quality with my triple fi 10's, but even more with those. 

You can hear that a lot of commercial music released those last years is crap and not enough "organic", "realistic". 

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My new pair serial number 1241 has no issues.

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My right side has the cracking/sound cutoff issue too. It's really annoying and I take very good care of my earphones. So I went down to the service centre and they swapped the cable for me. Gonna monitor it and hope the problem won't come back again. Btw I'm using the iPhone cable.
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So far no issues with mine, just sonic bliss. I am going to keep one other IEM as a backup. Everything else is getting sold.

The UE900 is sonic perfection for my ears and I am going to check out of the new gear game for a while (hopefully a long while).
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