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Originally Posted by Leong428 View Post

Looks like I'm one of the unlucky ones. My UE 900s arrived today and straight out of the box I'm getting audio cut offs when I move the cable on the right earphone.

Tried cleaning the contacts of both the black and blue cables but the problem still persists. I suppose they'll be sent off back to Logitech first thing next week!


Absolutely unbelievable how bad the quality control is for such an expensive item 

exactly what happened to mine......It's really sad they are having so many problems

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@tannerbnd, Have you gotten your replacement yet? Please tell me the replacements don't have the same problem! 

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Actually, I was so irritated that I got a pair of UE 6000  and Sennheiser HD 598 cans instead because I already have the triple 10s and LOVE them and I'm not going to waste my time with the 900s till they fix the problem

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Originally Posted by RestoredSparda View Post

So I've had these for almost a week, decided to change to the black cable and while pulling the housing came apart in two peaces, so quickly and abruptly in fact that the cable connected to the driver tore off completely. To say the least I was shocked and disappointed in the build quality to say the least. Any idea on how nice Logitech / UE are with repairs? Best way to contact? Any help is appreciated. smily_headphones1.gif

they should replace them. the same thing happen to me with my first pair

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If you can deal with the fit the TF10 is still more than worthy.  There are many out there that may prefer TF10 outright due to the fuller, bassier sound.  UE900 is very neutral and may not satisfy people that need some energetic bass or bass weight to their listening experience.  If I could buy the TF10 with the UE900 housings/ ergonomics I'd prefer it...

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wow. i was ready to place an order on these. however all these issues. i think ill get earsonics sm3v2s

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I tend to stay away from ultimate ears/logitech for now.  Once they got bought the customer service went straight down.  Hard to pass up this value, but I just have little faith in the company now.

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It's a shame Logitech is having so many problems regarding the UE 900 because my recently purchased ones sound fantastic (always liked the UE sound signature). I suppose my advice would be to hold off but keep them in mind if you're like me and are a fan of how the UEs tend to sound.

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Originally Posted by Spyro View Post

Well, I bought a pair of these at local Apple.  I have a subtle static issue in right channel.  Possibly a problem with one of the drivers.


Serial number starts "1237" which Logitech tells me was manufactured in September.  Apple has another pair with serial number "1241" which Logitech tells me were made in November so should not exhibit the problem.


Can you guys help and check your serial numbers and let me know what 1st 4-digits are and whether you have this issue or not?  I swapped out cable and problem persists so I am pretty sure it is not a cable/connector issue.  It's a driver issue.  Piss me off!




Oh....and they sound phenommenal.  I definitely prefer the better clarity and airy sound over the W4 but need to get a good pair in hand. first.


My serial number starts with "1238CL"... 


And having issues with the drop outs :(


Giving them one last day to fix themselves before sending them in for repair... sigh....

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Damn, It's depressing to hear about all of these issues with the UE900 - I love my TF10's - I was hoping down the road to get a pair of these - I mean quad BA for around $300? Fun UE sound signature? How can you lose? Apparently a number of ways...


I imagine with the technological might of Logitech behind them, UE will get things sorted out - maybe Black Friday 2014 these will be $150.00 - One can dream.

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I can actually get these for $150... But even then, reading all these issues you guys have concern me greatly.


I am looking for some new IEMs, after a small fortune spent on on-ear headphones. 


Such as shame that guys here are experiencing dodgy copies. I'm thinking if our Aussie stock would have the same quality control issues? I used to own the TF10's too, so these look great when you consider the more ergonomic shape this time.

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In addition, I'm surprised you guys find the UE900 to be "flat". The TF10 were certainly not that.

Most reviews suggest otherwise, likening them to have an S or V curve shape.

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I wouldn't call them flat but the bass is about 30% less of what TF10 is and the midrange is 100% better with exceptional clarity.  Soundstage is very similar (great).

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Any members of this thread have any experience with the GR07 BE and the BA200s? I have both now and wondering if the UE900 is worth the upgrade. Also, i'm not as concerned with the quality control issues as I have had great customer service with UE in the past.

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Nice work. For the price I can get them, I might cop them. I loved the TF10

I'm actually deciding between getting these OR the Sony XBA3-iP. Both I can purchase for the same price. Hmmm decisions..
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