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Hi everyone,

I've been lurking for a while and I was finally able to start my journey.

Like the topic says, I picked up some Senns 558s (modded - i wanted to get the 598s but they were unavailable & much more expensive) and an HT Claro Halo soundcard on sale (love their support)

I plan on using them for gaming/music/other. Music I listen to is mostly rock / electronic, but also a bunch of classic, etc (just not a dubstep junkie)

Im pretty noob and looking for advice in several areas:

1. First off, setting everything up - the soundcard software, properly equalizing them, installing specific plugins for Winamp / Foobar?

2. I know the halo comes with an integrated amp, although it seems the opAmps aren't the best. If I was going to upgrade to the HD650s later, could the card drive those cans well(if I replaced the opAmps for ex.). I know the 650s require quite a bit to be driven properly, so maybe I'd need a dedicated amp?

I've searched the forum and it seems there are varying opinions smily_headphones1.gif

I hope someone can point a noob in the right direction!