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I purchased a .5m pair of Audiogeek Nitrogens from Sduibek under the impression they were 1m as he advertised them to be, so essentially I paid for 1m interconnects and got .5m ones. But it was a mixup from long ago when Sduibek had originally purchased them, and in the end I got my 1m Nitrogens from the manufacturer. It ended up that I got two pairs of Nitrogens, though I didn't pay quite full price. They're fantastic cables, and I've been making use of both of them, though all in all it wasn't quite as smooth a transaction as I'd have liked, but in the end the three parties involved sorted the mess out. Communication is one of Sduibek's strong points, and I would buy from him again, but I'd take a little more care to make certain of what I'm getting.
Admittedly this was my fault... I was under the impression that it was a full 1m cable (which is what I had supposedly purchased) and did not think to check the length before posting a FS thread advertising as 1m. I am definitely more careful now regarding stats and condition of items For Sale.

Luckily, though - DrOctagon, myself, and Eric343 of Audiogeek worked it out. Thanks again for your patience DrOctagon. I realize this transaction is merely faded memories by now but wanted to offer you a genuine apology for the silly mixup. Hope you're having a great holiday season
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Traded a Mint amp for some IC's..Perfect transaction, could not ask for more..
No need to think twice about doing business with this trader.

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Sduibek offered a free 256MB RAM stick. I took him up on the offer and he sent it out just as advertised - didn't cost me a cent. It was at my house 2 days later - great speed, great packing, the works. Great Head-Fier.
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I would definitely recommend anyone to receive free LPs from Devin He sent me a bunch of LPs for shipping cost, including a still-shrinkwrapped 30th anniv. DSOTM. What a cool guy!! I think this reflects on his character, and I would definitely recommened dealing with Devin.
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I purchased Sduibek's Grado SR60 setup and couldn't be more pleased! Great communication, fast shipping and a very trustworthy seller - thanks DT!
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I've had a pleasure to buy sduibek's MFSL "The Wall". He's an awesome guy to deal with, really highly recommended.

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Hey Now,


I bought an iPod Shuffle from Devin. Smooth transaction. Quick shipping and good communication. He threw in some extra bits that was much appreciated. I would deal with him again. 



Finest kind,


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