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Sduibek a very good ebayer, would recommend business with again, Oh wait..... this isn't Ebay!. :P
Anyways, Sduibek bought my cd3000's. Payment was very fast through Paypal. He's a nice friendly guy, highly recommended from me.
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He ordered some Quail power cords for our group buy. He paid instantly. Will not hesitate to deal with again.
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I have modded two soundcards for him, and he has always been a pleasure to deal with in all regards.
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he bought my Quail Power Cord. prompt payment and PM's. I wouldn't mind him buying goods from me again.
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Sduibek bought my HD650/Zu combo and paid immediately once we agreed upon a price. A pleasure to deal with.
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Melvin, heheh, was a big help in getting the CD3K woodies going and wound up buying a pair. Was an interesting time we had listening to variable woods and such. Cheers!
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I sold Sduibek a Woo 3 headamp. He paid promptly once he completed another sale as agreed. The communication was clear and concise and actually.... just plain fun. This was an easy sale transaction with no issues whatsoever. I can definitely recommend Sduibek as a trustworty buyer.
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I purchased a .5m pair of Audiogeek Nitrogens from Sduibek under the impression they were 1m as he advertised them to be, so essentially I paid for 1m interconnects and got .5m ones. But it was a mixup from long ago when Sduibek had originally purchased them, and in the end I got my 1m Nitrogens from the manufacturer. It ended up that I got two pairs of Nitrogens, though I didn't pay quite full price. They're fantastic cables, and I've been making use of both of them, though all in all it wasn't quite as smooth a transaction as I'd have liked, but in the end the three parties involved sorted the mess out. Communication is one of Sduibek's strong points, and I would buy from him again, but I'd take a little more care to make certain of what I'm getting.
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Bought an ipod from him. Came in just as described. Will definatly buy from again.

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He traded me his banana stand for my e3c's. Extremely easy and smooth transaction...The stand arrived really fast, very well packaged!
Would deal with him again without hesitation. Cheers.
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I bought a pair of HD-650's from Sduibek. They arrived quickly and were packaged extremely well. They were in far better condition then he posted and I expected. It was an exceptionally good deal from a first rate headfier.
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Sduibek and I traded some music via the mail, and the DVD Audio discs he sent me were well-packed and arrived super fast. Thanks man!
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Sduibek purchased some CDs from me,
payment was fast, communication was good.
Smooth transaction, thanks!
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I bought Devin's Sony MDR-CD3000's. He sold them to me for a great price and in the exact condition he advertised them as being in. He was even so kind as to send me pictures concerning specific areas of wear. He was extremely easy to keep in touch with, often times replying to my PM's within the hour.

I asked if he could send me the case the CD3K's originally came in, but he was unable to because it was no longer in his possession. However, in its place, he sent me a few extra things FREE OF CHARGE; a few RCA interconnects and 2 CD's. (One of which is a nice Dream Theater album that I am thoroughly enjoying this second)

All in all, he's an absolutely terrific guy and one of the best headfiers around; would definitely do business with again.
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Bought phones and a CD/DVD set from me. Absurdly quick payment, great buyer and great guy.

Highly reccommended.
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