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I'm going to buy the Q701 or K701 phones.

My source will be iphone & sometimes macbook.


After lots of searching, googling and reading on here and elsewhere, I found what looks to be the perfect dac/amp product for what I want to spend:


Grant Fidelity TubeDac-11 (350 USD)



It should be more than enough to power the 701s right? (I'm aware that the tube out is not suited to these 'phones though)


I could connect it to my iPhone via lineout, the macbook via USB or digital and I can use it as a DAC to feed my Rega Brio amplifier with loudspeakers as well. 



Does anyone have experience with this combo or general opinions on a better similar priced setup to get the best of out these phones while using iphone/macbook as a source?

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