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DAC signal reconstruction and measurements

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I'd first like to thank this wonderful community for the great content resource you are generating. 

I've been reading very good posts here and there that cover many different aspects of digital and analog audio and I've become a fan of the sound science section lately.

I'm looking for a good source where I can learn how to read and interpret measurements done on DACs, especially those that would indicate when a DAC is good at reconstructing the analog signal. 

Would anybody have suggestions?



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There is always wikipedia. They have some general description. If you want more in depth information. You should search TI's website. They now own both Burr Brown and National. So they should have a wealth of information.

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Crystal Semi now a unit of Cirrus has excellent app notes, white papers - oriented to engineers who already know much of the basic terminology, Signal Theory


some of the Digital Signal Theory may be accessible depending on your background: http://www.dspguide.com/


more deep end suggestions: http://www.meridian.co.uk/ara/coding2.pdf for audio perceptual limits related to audio DAC sample rates, bit depths


http://web.archive.org/web/20070118012711/http://www.iet.ntnu.no/~ivarlo/files/School/PhD/Report_audiodac.pdf deep inside info on audio DAC chips

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If you have not taken a look yet, look at amp measurements as well since they are inter-related to DACs as well.

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Thank you all for these links! That will keep me entertained for a while I guess! 

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