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Meelec M6P - first impressions

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I am very excited to report that I just received my M6Ps and tx-500s from amazon.  This is my first post here and I just wanted to say thanks to all the Meelec fans here on head-fi: all the M6 reviews and commentary made me believe I could really upgrade my iPhone sound without breaking the bank.


Anyway, this is a short review.  My first impression is these things are hard to fit at the start.  I've been pushing and pulling and working on the memory wire.  Now they are in and they are awesome!


Side note - I hate all the silicone tips, they hurt my ear canal.  I am extremely happy that I purchased Comply tips in the multi pack - thought I needed large but right now I'm using the medium tips (tx-500 for M6).  The comply tips are making earphones wearable for me.  


So far as I am writing this I am enjoying the sound more and More! etysmile.gif

So I like the M6P so far, but my question is - why is the sound gradually getting better??  The bass and midrange are getting warmer and more detailed as I am going song after song.  My theory is that the Comply memory foam is still gradually expanding and shrinking with the heat in my ear canal.  Seriously love the Comply tips.


So far, I would highly recommend the M6P; but only with the Comply tips :-)


UPDATE (September 11, 2012)


M6p review
Box from amazon:


Bass- Mild to good.  Seems the bass is very smooth and not punchy.  It's just kinda there. However, compared to listening in the car or on stereo Bluetooth (Motorola), the bass is more accurate and well produced on the M6p- as in I can actually sense what kind of instrument is playing.
Midrange - the mids are great.  The mids are similar to the bass regarding my experience.  I feel there is a lot more clarity in these in-ear headphones.  Guitar, piano, and vocals all have wonderful attack and decay.  I can really hear the fret noise and the reverb of the piano and every breath the vocalist takes.  I love it, even when the consonants are a little sibilant. It makes me feel like the instruments were accurately recorded.  Vocal harmonies sound especially good.  Acoustic guitars also sound really good.
Treble- good treble.  The high notes are there and they can be heard bouncing back and forth in stereo.  Very 2D.
Soundstage- the soundstage is really more of a "head stage", it sounds like a recording studio locked between my ears. It's accurate and intimate; but there isn't really a sense of space.  Like the experience with the treble, everything seems 2-dimensional, right or left.
Conclusion- these are M6p's are great!  They make my music sound good, and now I can feel like I'm part I'd the old iPod craze, because I have earphones in my ears!  The presentation is up close and personal, which makes melodic and energetic songs seem euphoric inside my brain. If I was going to improve the sound though, I would want more bass and more soundstage.
New setting on Denon app:


All listening was on my iPhone 4s through the Denon app.  No amp or other gear.  Gungor is super awesome for testing and listening.  I’ve been primarily listening to “Ghosts Upon the Earth” by Gungor.  It’s a fantastic album.  If you don’t know Gungor, I recommend the following tracks:
Wake Up Sleeper
This Is Not the End
You Are the Beauty
All the music is different and interesting.  Gungor is like folk-rock with classical instruments and choirs added in for effect every once in awhile.
Update 9-27-2012
So as my screen name suggests, I like my iPhone.  So now I have the iPhone 5 and guess what, the EarPods are great!  Here is my quick review of the EarPods:
My wife and I absolutely love the EarPods so far.  Why?  Primarily because earbud style 'phones never fit either of us.  The EarPods fit and stay in my ear!  Not only do they fit but they sound great as well.
Quick comparison- the EarPods have better bass, mids, and highs compared to my Meelec M6 earphones.  I would guess these EarPods also have a larger diameter driver because the main difference is a more natural attack and note decay across the frequency spectrum.  Even on compressed audio, like Pandora, all the pianos and guitars sound natural and vibrant.  I love it!!


Note- I will be using the Apple setup for now.  The M6s will have to wait in the wings to see if these earpods are any good for running.  Also, the sound through the new music app is better on the iPhone 5, so no more Denon App.  Btw, the Denon App had a lot of hiss for some reason anyway.

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Btw, the "memory wire" is very comfortable, even under sunglasses.

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I use mine for workouts. wink.gif
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Good idea, I think I will try a nice jog to some awesome music.  Also can't wait to try sleeping.  My wife doesn't like white noise and I do.etysmile.gif

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Thanks for your impressions on the M6 biggrin.gif
Sorry to hear about the comfort issues because I think they're pretty comfortable already.

What I really DON'T like about them is the lack of a mesh cover to prevent debris from falling through the nozzle. It's a simple but irritating overlook in my eyes.
Also, I tried sleeping with them but it didn't work. Lying on my side pushed the M6 too strongly against my ear, causing pain. They ARE fantastic for running, however.


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yes, for running and exerices nothing beats them for the price... for lying on the bed o better sound quality,  Fx40.

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My first IEM was M6, it was too good for its price and I decided to buy a S6 ( a bit improved version of M6) and it suits perfect for running, gym usage. Isolation is also very good with stock triple flanges. The best IEM imo in its price range for sports!

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Definitely agree they are great for running!  However, I did find out as mentioned above that they don't really worked too great for sleeping.  I'll have to check out the FX40.

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Originally Posted by iPhone IEM View Post

Definitely agree they are great for running!  However, I did find out as mentioned above that they don't really worked too great for sleeping.  I'll have to check out the FX40.

Buy them, they are gems!
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So these M6Ps are pretty nice. However, it has taken me awhile to get the best fit, it seems like I'm learning to make little adjustments to the memory wire and I'm getting a better and better fit. I am also realizing that clearly- the fit and seal of the iem makes a huge difference in sound quality- I know I'm on the right path to placement when everything starts to sound warm and bassy (comparatively).

I really haven't listened to any good headphones in a long time, so it seems that I will need more than a week to really get familiar with my iem placement and eq settings. Most recently I used Motorola sport hd-10s for running. As far as sound quality- I'm very happy to say that in comparison the M6P has AWE inspiring depth of sound and incredible clarity. I know it's apples to oranges, but it's nice to feel like I'm hearing good music and hearing things "I haven't heard before" in some of my new purchases.
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Wow, so now I guess I can give more first impressions, because I watched InnerFidelity's tutorial on how to prep and fit Comply tips.  So now the Complys fit better and more importantly they sound better.  I'm hearing good bass, decent mids, and good highs.  I am very happy now, I definitely suggest that anyone using Comply tips should watch the tutorial; thanks InnerFidelity!!


UPDATE: here's the video: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/comply-foam-tips-and-effects-tip-selection-page-2

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Several updates.  And sorta in-depth review added to first post. smile.gif

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More impressions etysmile.gif.  I am really enjoying listening to classical music right now on the M6P.  I definitely like the way piano and strings sound on the M6P.  Very nice.  I am however, becoming concerned about my ears.  It seems like every time I take out the iems my ears are ringing.  Is this ringing normal?  Am I listening at a volume that is too loud?  IDK, I listen on my iPhone with the volume usually between 34% and 50%.  Oh well, I'm still enjoying the music :-)

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Update to first post.  Summary - new iPhone with EarPods sounds better than M6.

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