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Portable netbook audiophile rig?

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Hello everyone, I am looking to invest in something mostly for work and on the go, I use my ipod touch 4 32gb and samsung galaxy 5 player at work, galaxy for video and ipod for music with my Klipsch x10i IEM's and was thinking of investing in something better because I want to surf head-fi and other websites at ease. I was thinking about maybe getting a netbook with a good size hard drive and a high end usb sound card, maybe use my Sennheiser hd 558's when I am alone and my x10i's when I am not alone. Does anyone here have any experience using a netbook as a portable music rig?


I am mostly trying to keep the cost down because I will have to pay for portable internet because I do not have a smartphone and don't want to pay for one either, what options do I have? Can you put SSD drives or hard drives with at least 250-500gb of space in a netbook? I was thinking of putting a small ssd drive to cut down boot time and a better hard drive to put my lossy & lossless music on. I mostly want to be able to surf the web while listening to music which I know I can do with my 5" galaxy player and my ipod with mifi but with such a small screen and touch screen controls I dislike surfing for longer sessions. 


Any help or suggestions would be great and maybe point me in the direction of a good netbook other people on here use for their music and a good non expensive hifi usb sound card. I don't want a laptop because it's too bulky, I want something with maybe an 8 to 10 inch screen, no bigger and not too thick and heavy.



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Check out the Asus netbooks on Amazon. They come with large hard drives, so no need to add one. Get a FiiO E17 for a portable dac/headphone amp to go with it. 


Also, spend the little bit extra to get the bigger battery in the netbook model you like since it will be charging the dac/headphone amp. You'll notice that most Asus netbooks have a higher model that's just a longer life battery. 

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