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Need Fiio E17 replacement

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So unfortunately my E17 got lost on it's way to China and the insurance was denied(no idea why). It's been two months since I've listened to decent sound and it's because I was waiting for that thing to arrive. Anyhow, I'd like to ask for a good portable DAC/AMP that may share the E17's similarities in features. I will be using these with my Sennheiser HD25-1 II or Denon D2000 and my sources would be: SGSII, Macbook Pro or iPod Touch. I'd like the features to be the following if it's possible:

  • 24-bit/192k Playback(for computer use)
  • Portable...
  • $200 budget used or $250 NEW 


I really want an all arounder because I'm planning to get custom IEMs soon so I'd use it with that. Thanks for the help!

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How about iBasso? The D7 seems to have everything you need.

True 24Bit/192K USB-DAC, supports bit for bit decoding.
- Asynchronous USB transfer
- WM8740 DAC chip
- Up to 24Bit/192K coaxial output
- RCA output and Line out.
- Built-in +/- 5V class A headphone amplfiier that run off of USB power
- Full aluminum case
- Measures 60W*93L*22H (mm), and weights 108g
- Comes with USB Cable, and Leather pouch

 Or another e17?

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If you liked the E17, just get another one.

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Yes but what is a step above the E17? Listening to my Lexicon Alpha more recently, I realized that I really like polished vocals with a wide and defined soundstage which I haven't gotten with the E17 when I had it. 

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