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Spartans-Irish looks like it could be a good one.

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Looks like USC- Stanford may well be a good game too, and Fla-Tenn sure is !

I had a great time at our game today. Chamber of Commerce day in Evanston, and NU beat BC and is now 3-0 with three BCS-Conference wins biggrin.gif
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What the USC v. Stanford game could use is more turnovers. 

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Wow, the TN vs Fla game blew apart. blink.gif
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Boy did it ever! From slim TN lead to FLA stomping all in the fourth Q.

Impressive win by Stanford. Painful loss by MSU. This is not the Big Ten's year, that's for sure.
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That USC game was good, perhaps the Stanford fans had it right when they wrote "It had nothing to do with Luck" on the banner. Barkley, 0-4 against The Cardinal, just had his expectations reset.


UCLA on the other hand romped, wasn't Houston good last year?


The Spartans got killed by ND, who appears to be on the rebound. See how they do next week.

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Well of course the Stanford game was no surprise as I foretold it in post #32. Don't look too hard at that post, though, because I also picked Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Tennessee is forgivable and the Arkansas pick was bad, but who'd have ever imagined Texas would score so many points? And against a mighty S-E-C team?


I see where ESPN College gameday is headed to the FSU/Clemson game. Gosh, those two teams always seem overrated. Should have come to Norman: KSU/OU is a better game.


Notre Dame is now 3-0. The march continues! They could be favored all the way up till week 9 when they come visit my team in Norman.


Edit: I forgot my shoutout to the mighty Colorado Buffaloes!

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As a Cal alum, last Saturday was amongst the only times I half heartedly wanted USC to win, and they blew it. 

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So after Stanford beats USC, they go and get knocked off by Nebraska, who UCLA beat. It's gonna be a wacky year, with the exception of Alabama/LSU who could both be undefeated when they meet Nov. 4. But LSU has a harder road.

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I wonder how fast we'll get a playoff system if we end up with a `Bama vs LSU repeat? I'm saying about 24 hours.
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Ummm...Stanford lost to the Huskies, not the Huskers wink.gif But nonetheless they will have had a very short stay in the top 10.

I'm heading up to our game versus Indiana - a win and my Wildcats will be in the top 25 for the first time in 4 years. I am hopeful!
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You passed the test Rob, have fun today!




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Congrats Skylab, #25 according to the AP.


Interesting: The Pac-12 has just as many teams in the Top 25 as the SEC (6), now that UCLA's back in.

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Thanks! First ranking since 2008. Feels good!

I had hoped Wisco could pull it out against Nebraska - that would have made the weekend complete for me. But it was a good CFB weekend for sure wink.gif
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