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Oh yeah and the case is just silly. It's so big and padded that it's useless for school/work. If you're into throwing your headphones against the wall as hard as you can then you'll dig the case, but I'm not sure what I'll use it for.


I'm glad I got the NVX version because these look pretty cool in person. I'll snap some photos.

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Just found a coupon code. NVX25 gives 25% off the XPT100. w00t. Thanks for the reviews on here because it is what led me to find the sweet deal. <$100 out the door.

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Originally Posted by machoboy View Post

I got them this morning. They haven't had time to burn in nor have my ears really had time to grasp any of the nuances of their sound but right off the bat:


- They are definitely extremely neutral. I don't know if they're "flat" per se, but they're neutral and every song sounds like itself. Pretty much sounds like an OEM car stereo captured in headphones. I would be pretty comfortable using these as a headphone reference for mixing/recording. They're flat and analytical without being over-the-top/ugly/painful.


- Not sure I agree with all of the "tank-like build" reviews. The build quality looks pretty much average to me. Not as solid as Shure or Ultrasone (both of which feel like ACTUAL tank commander gear), about on par with M-Audio. I really wish these had a one-sided cable instead of double entry, but that's subjective. The clamp is also very mild. I would like a slightly firmer clamp since...:


- The pads are so big and soft that you won't want to take them off of your head when you're done listening to music. They're like designer earmuffs, so snuggly.


- They are not as detailed or clear as my Shures, but the treble is much less aggressive and the overall sound is more rounded, laid back, "just press play and forget". This is kind of the opposite of what I was expecting. So many people comparing the two said that the HM5s (and clones) are just flat boring analytical headphones and that the Shures are "the same thing plus a fun midbass hump". Yeah, the Shures do have more midbass, and cleaner bass, but these sound much more alive and closer to recreational headphones to me DESPITE being very flat. Nice combo. Reminds you of how much forum stuff is hearsay rather than based on first-hand experience.


- They're not "basshead cans". Bass is just OK. Not as clear or deep as the SRH840s, and from my memory, not as much as the ATH-M50s. I can say I prefer these to the M50s for  most things.. Not sure if I like them a lot for electronica so far.


Honestly they sound like an exact 50/50 hybrid of my SRH840s (mid range, overall approach to sound) and AKG240s (natural sounding, but kind of intolerant to high volumes or bass loads), which should in theory be awesome, but I'm not used to them yet.

Disappointing. I was planning on getting a HM5 clone, won't bother now since I already have my T50RP's filling the laid back listening role.

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Yeah I mean honestly, they're good headphones, especially with that 25% off coupon that I failed to use...
but I feel like they're a bit redundant given my situation. The Shures give me my high-resolution studio sound and the AKGs give me my mellow, musical sound. These are just in the middle of the two and after listening to them I kind of think "Hmm, I wonder how much cooler that would sound on the Shures/AKGs". Looks from your avatar like you would have a pretty similar situation.
Super comfy though, Guess I'll let them burn in some more and sleep on it.




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Thanks for the feedback (and the coupon code :D). If you are putting them in between the Shure/AKG, that is exactly what i am looking for. I need something with a neutral/flat response. I don't have a need for them to be portable since i just use my IEM for school/portable and my incase for work. These will just be at my desk at home so the big case is fine.

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man.... looks like im getting suckered into these now. can't pass up as coupon like that.

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I saw that coupon code when I was ordering mine but it said "25% off NVX subwoofers" so I didn't even bother trying it :(

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Got mine with the discount.  $110 with California tax and three-day shipping.  I've previously owned the FA-003s, and I'm interested in seeing how these sound, in comparison to the sound I remember from the Fischers (fairly neutral, but a bit dry and sterile sounding).  I like my KRK KNS-8400s, but I'm beginning to notice issues with the sound signature that make my choose my Philips Citiscape Uptowns almost all the time over the KRKs.  I'll sell the one that loses the battle.

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After days of listening to these and comparing them mainly against my Shures (seems like a natural competitor):


XPT100/HM5 has slightly more bass, but SRH840 bass is much more textured/detailed and EQ-friendly. SRH840 seems to extend lower before any audible mud.


XPT100/HM5 has smoother, lusher mids, great for electric guitar, but vocals occasionally sound distant and slightly less detailed than SRH840 mids.


XPT100/HM5 has watered down treble. Non-fatiguing listening experience, but fake-sounding cymbals. SRH840 treble is painfully honest and never flatters an overly bright mix.


So in summary, both of these headphones are fairly "neutral" for their price range, but in totally different ways. The XPT100 is neutral in a pleasant, balanced way and a real all-arounder. The SRH840 is neutral in an unflattering, transparent, high-resolution way.


Comfort: XPT100.

Build Quality: SRH840.

Recreational listening: Tie: SRH840 for 'wow factor' and XPT100 for extended, fatiguing sessions.

Analytical/studio applications: SRH840 by far. Dangerously honest headphones.

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Thanks for your comparisons with the SRH840, good to have some context.

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Just got mine in today.  Sound great.  I would echo the OP's comments:  slightly warmer than neutral.  Right out of the box, they sound a bit better balanced than my KNS-8400s:  smoother highs and a more cohesive sound overall.  I think they're keepers.  Pretty impressive for $100.

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Bump. Those phones deserve more attention.

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Any fresh reports on these?  Do they exhibit any kind of plastic cup resonance, or echo, or cavernous sound or anything like that at ear-friendly volume levels?

Oh, and thanks to Keanex for the well written and detailed review!

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How do these sound compared to the KRK KNS 6400's? Also, How are they for Electronic music? 


Nice review btw. 

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