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New IEM, Upgrade from Brainwavz M2

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So I have got these Brainwavz M2 quit a while now. First months I got them, they were excellent. I was really happy with the sound. However a lot of time and 1 replacement have passed, and I want new in ears.'

I have used them with my iPod for some time, they sound somewhat OK with them. They're actually pretty good in combination with my phone and FLAC files. However, on somewhat higher volumes it sounds a bit shrill, and the highs actually puncture my eardrums. It is OK for monotone electronic music and rock, but for heavy-duty electronic with lots of things going on and music like metal it isnt as much fun to listen to as I expected. 


So basically, I am looking for an Brainwavz M2 replacement, with a more present bass (perhaps that flow great towards mid) and no shrill highs. Mainly used for electronic music like Drum and Bass, and things like fast metal and such. I am going to keep the M2's for the softer songs.


Thanks in advance!


Oh, I almost forgot. My budget would be somewhere around 100 euros.

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I'm not sure what would best fit you, but have you seen these two threads? Lots of description to help you out: 




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Yes, both excellent threads. However, they don't seem to give a list based on genre or type music. 

I hope someone who also listen to the genres I listen to has some advice!



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Well, in case this helps, I listen to mostly EDM/classic house/hip hop and classic rock/alternative rock. I have the Visang R03 which is the same as the Brainwavz M2, but really dislike them a lot because of the somewhat muddy bass and the syrupy smooth warm mids. On the other hand, I have the MEElectronics A161P (same as the Fischer Audio SBA-03 in those reviews) which sound much, much better to me, even though they lack the heavy low end thump of the R03/M2s for bass heavy music. To me, the A161Ps have better detail throughout the frequency range and much more tightly controlled bass. I'd love it if they had more very low frequency sub bass emphasis for bass heavy music that has that, but they do OK down into at least the 50hz range (maybe a little lower). 


The point is that genres may not help you out much. The A161Ps are not a bass heavy phone, yet they clearly beat out the R03/M2s by a mile for me because of many other factors, yet might not for you. Best way is probably to look at ljokerl's and ClieOS's reviews of the R03/M2s to see how they interpret them to give you a bassline for interpreting their other reviews. 

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