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Hark, I hear horses, but they are not just horses, but abysmall creatrues of the night. Their small stature gives importance of wieght but their looks redundiniate them from the world

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Merzbow is to music as potatoes are

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Pottato pottato, how do I spell such a word, the vices of which will forever escape someone of such a stature, and with that said, he slid out of his chair and looked at the atmosphere around, only one word can describe it, as trainqui.

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Things occasionally happen.

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All mimsy were the fan boys and the band geeks outgrabe

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Words are only words until they're less.

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But for the low troubador, the mamoth of a scren along came rumbling through me, one two, he went back and with the world, came only one person, his name was maximilion. The hero.

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She's a real nowhere clan, sitting in her nowhere van, making all her nowhere fans for nobody.

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Nevermind me, just quoting from a great piece of music.





4'33" by John Cage

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 3 chain of acids

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