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Since when can potatoes win a dance competition?
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bowei match with Towa Erio. Naisu~ XD

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Is this thread about?

Seems quite to me.

Then again, I think we all know that we should. Therefore I shall take my leave.
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To take a gander of a unit such as thee, in pretty flowers such as a gathering. The daffiness of the pony and it's leg's a comming are special as any would to say to thee, and so we can for sank in my day. 

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As if an intelectual being had the following duty:


to express in spoken or written form, what it means to be it(self?)...  the self, you know...

... (...) would be it's answer.


That's what nothingness is, the Self!


Take the Human being, for example. (All animal life forms, actually)


The body is a marvel of natural engineering (Tilpo, is your avatar in mood for a drink?).

But the soul, the self, these two aspects that most humans like to incarnate, are just not there... illusions! I say.


Some say the body cannot live without the soul, that's wrong!


I suspect that these illusions, among others, are part of a biological defensive mechanism against our own predatorial intelligence and destructive nature.


I say that there isn't any kind of singular existence/being, transcendental to matter, which can be dissected out of the body.

I say that we are a construct of the body, an interface of the body.


Just like a computer has an interface to interact with, we humans have an interface to interact with ourselves and the world.

This interface stems from the bodily processes and it cannot "live" without it's building hardware, without it's own source.


I, the interface, an expression of the body, the body constructs me, I have no will, no free will, no consciousness, no reasoning - these are all properties of the body's processing layer which are then expressed through me, the interface....

Personality, temperament, these things are not part of ME, they are expressed through me by the body.


Quoting a statment from a film character, Morpheus, from Matrix:


When he says "The body cannot live without the mind."

He should had say instead "The body has no function without an interface."


An interface is a system of communication, it's a parameter set, it cannot be described as a singular being.



I am nothing.

I'm not.

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As a Panda, I am but a simple one. I need not money or interaction. Just my simple things of bamboo and water. My bamboo and water, however are different as the moon that shines and sun that beams. They are my headphones and my music. The necessities of any Panda's life. Only a haiku can explain the ramifications of what my bamboo, my headphones say about me...a simple Panda.
With Every Can
Sound comes out another way
Matching with the music
For, with every bass drop in my dubstep to every Asian singer in my pop. My headphones will give me a different sensation. From my EDM with my Ultrasone's, and the vocals on my AKG's. My bamboo holds steady with my trustworthy amps, to deliver but a simple tune to these black ears of mine. Who are but ever so fuzzy!
I am but a simple Panda, my headphones say that about me. I can not afford to have much bamboo, but I can enjoy them. My headphones say that I have my own style and beliefs and that I like companies. They say that I have gone through a journey from a basshead, to a not as much but understanding one. I have ventured through the planes and sought bamboo after bamboo, only to be rewarded with one a many choices to choose from! They do not speak much, but my headphones themselves are words powerful enough for any Panda to bestow on itself.
And so I shall leave thee with my parody of a poem.
'Twas brillig, and the slithy Dre's
Did gyre and gimble with the fans
All mimsy were the fangirls,
And the band geeks outgrabe.
"Beware the Beats, my son!
The marketing that bite, the bass that catch!
Beware the SYNCH's, and shun
The rapper endorsed bandersnatch!"
I took my vorpal knowledge in hand:
Long time the manxome troll I sought --
So he rested by the headphone forum
And stood awhile while trooling.
And, as in uffish thought he wondered, 
The fan trool, with eyes of dis-information,
Came whiffling through the forum wood,
And screamed as it came!
One, two! One, two! And through and through
The knowledge of the forum members went snicker-back!
We left it with new knowledge, in its head
HE went calumphing back to Amazon.
"And, has thou defeated the troll?
Come to my arms, my champions
O frabjous day! Beats-away! 
We chortled in the joy.
'Twas brillig, and the slithy Dre's
Did gyre and gimble with the fans
All mimsy were the fangirls,
And the band geeks outgrabe.
-Parody of "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll written in 1871-
And so, I say adieu! I leave you with my bamboo and water. For all who come. For, I am but a simple Panda, on my journey through the planes of Head-Fi, searching for my simple nirvana.
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Welcome to the anti-comm room Panda bear.

Someone here, who is gifted with will, is asking if the lady sitting beside you is in mood for a drink?

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For the panda does hither deny thine drink good sir for the moon and the stars are not aligned from planet to planet

Comes the great lizard king
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Someone says:


" Darn you, Panda bear, and your planets and stars zodiac!

I'll call Netochka Nezvanova to kick ass of your greed!

And she's not afraid of the King Lizard Great either! "


End of message...

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And so a message across the stars and space has been received. Taunting the lizard king! Whatever shall we do?

And with a call to neba nubuls came three great heros
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And so it went, the moonstruck becoming alone, and the sun-burnt recesses of the deep wailed with the strings of the flower. One fine evening as such, I came across a band of ragged basins of sleep, withering away in dawn.

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That was a nice lolipop as it fluttered through the eabe
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While in Duluth, we visited a wild pack of cigarettes selling corn on the vaudeville.

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The moon and sun is good today, we shall have a good hunt. 

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When clicking on a thread, I was brought back to my profile.

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