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Originally Posted by takato14 View Post

The Pico Slim is also probably not a fraction as advanced as the PHA-1. 

(Before the flame starts: I said advanced, not better.)

Perhaps! But I still enjoy the PHA-1 compared to the pico slim!
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Very good point. battery duration is not all that matters. I hate to say that the PH-2A does have much better battery life than the PH1A. I wonder if maybe we can swap out the battery for the new version and get same life

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So I just acquired a PHA-1...


Very good and clear amplifier. It easily outpaces many devices around its price point.


Battery life is not poor at all. I get 4.5 hours with digital input from my iPhone.


As an amp, it lasts for 11 hours with my Vita, which is not shabby at all.


The selling point? That BASS! Oh god... I have not heard bass this good from any portable device at all! It's impactful, visceral, textured, and super solid without any hint of giving up. I'm truly floored. This should be a default basshead amp.


Man, I've long forgotten how good bass sounded like. This is a very pleasant awakening indeed.


Edit: digital input from my MacBook lasts... forever. I have kept the PHA-1 plugged in today for... 14 hours, and it's been used sporadically without being turned off during that time period. So it looks like the PHA-1 still charges from USB input of a computer. Unless I'm missing something. The charging indicator is also off by the time I turn the amp off, hinting that the battery is full.


So it's just that LED that's not lighting up.

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