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ART Legato and BNC to RCA: impedance matching-related question

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I have just purchased an ART Legato, to go with my newly purchased Museatex dac (DA44). The DA44 only takes RCA input. The ART comes from the manufacturer's bnc cable, and a bnc to rca adapter.

Regardless, I would want the chance to use a Moray James digital between the two devices (Legato, DA44). Moray's cables are only RCA.

I was wondering: what if I put a BNC-RCA adaptor at the output of Legato, and, subsequently, the Moray digital? Should I expect impedance mismatch? Should such mismatch be much worse than using the first configuration (Legato + bnc cable + bnc to rca adapter to dac), suggested by Pat?


Would there be a way at all to minimize such impedance mismatch, if using an RCA cable like Moray's?

Would I need to measure the impedance of the Moray digital, perhaps, in order to choose the most fitting adapter between Legato and the cable?


Also, would it make more sense if I replaced the BNC output connector of ART Legato, with a RCA output; or, even here, I would incur into impedance mismatches?


Thanks, in case anyone is able to answer to such a specific question.



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Hey Tony


I am assuming that the supplied adapter would retain the 75ohm impedance and if the digital cable is correctly designed, then it should too retain the 75ohm impedance - hence avoiding mismatch. I know there is much debate as to whether a true 75ohm RCA exists but I think a handful of companies claim to make such a thing. This bluejeans blurb discusses some of the issues. 



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Thanks Don, for chiming in such a self conscious, yet precisely articulated insanity.


The thing here, is I cannot use the supplied adaptor: that's a female to female BNC/RCA.

I need to use a male BNC/female RCA if I want to take the adapter at the output level of Legato, and have the RCA cable downstream. Then what would assure the retention of the correct impedance matching?

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Out of interest Antony - what software are you using with the Legato?  I can't get it to work consistently on either Foobar or JRiver angry_face.gif

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I own a Bidat also and I am interested in buying a Legato USB converter. Did you guys come up with any answers to these questions. I would like to use a James Moray cable with foobar.

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Hi! Sorry guys, I had forgotten about the thread. When owning it , I decided to use the included cable and adapter. Anyway, I wasn't satisfied with the Legato and Idat44m.


The best interface (for now) that I liked with the Idat, has been the Antelope Zodiac gold usb-to-coaxial output.

Obviously, I believe you'll be able to find something equally cool to use with your Bidat and Moray digital cable.


I am waiting for Moray's new digital coaxial cable which should be available in about 1 month, it seems amazing.


Currently, I am using the Belkin digital (rca), I am using a Hiface 2 connected to a iFi Power (usb signal cleaner). You could try a JKenny interface with native coaxial connector for the Moray James; if you want to spend more, then a friend who owns Bidat, and whose judgment I strongly trust, swears by the Diverter HR.


Offramp 4 or 5 should be great options too.




lordearl: I have been using Foobar exclusively, and now am evaluating Jplay.

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