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It shouldn't do since it's just adding silence between the tracks.
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Hi all, 

I edited the layout so i only have 3 columns displaying Artist, Album and Track, respectively. And the toolbar.

The thing is: im using Facets and i´d like to increase the size of the album covers, is there a way to do this?

My foobar is 1.3.2

Thank you.

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You can increase the album art size by put the mouse cursor over the art work and hold the CTRL key and scroll the mouse wheel.
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Been wondering about this for ages, so I thought I'd ask:


How does increasing or decreasing the buffer size in Foobar affect the actual output? Do you guys alter the default value, or leave it as it is?

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The basic rule is to leave the buffer set to the default unless you're having audio drops while playing, If you are having dropouts, then increase it slowly until the dropouts stop.

Audio quality wise there no difference between a small buffer or big buffer, all it's doing holding data in memory. larger buffer, more memory used.

e.g. a 3000ms buffer makes my foobar install use 54MB. a 30000ms buffer makes my foobar install use 90MB.
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Got it, thank you. But the buffer isn't set to the lowest setting by default. What would be the sort of scenario when you'd get an improvement by lowering the buffer value, instead of increasing it? When would that be necessary?

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You don't need to lower the buffer, all you are doing is running more risk of a buffer under runs when the computer can't keep up for a second or 2.

Sometime setting a very very low butter is advised for WASAPI playback when the normal buffer length causes glitches.

So we are once again back to If it's working fine don't mess with the buffer biggrin.gif
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Is it possible that when i click my folders on All Music the list of all songs inside the folder will go automatic on the playing window?

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Yup, in the foobar2000 preferences > Media library | Library viewer selection playlists | Tick enabled and tick Activate when changed.
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^ it works!!! many many thanks! :beerchug:

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I have a problem. Foobar2000 shows wrong album art. I deleted all the embedded album art and re-embedded them. Even after that, Foobar2000 shows wrong album art on some of the albums. I searched for a fix to this problem for days and I still can't find a solution.

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So when you delete the embedded art work foobar2000 no longer show any art work for the files? or is it still showing the incorrect art work?

have you checked the folder where the files are for any JPG's that have been set to hidden (you'll need to set the file manager to view all files in the options).
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Foobar2000 is showing incorrect art works.


As for the files, I did go to Windows Explorer and set the settings to view all files. Here is the thing, I basically throw in all my music file into one big folder so it is very disorganized. In the folder, I do not have any JPG or image files, just MP3 files. I embedded the album art by going to Foobar2000-Tagging-Attach Album Art. All JPG and Album Art are in a separate folder.

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Are you sure there are no jpg's that follow this naming scheme in that folder?


Another place to look is if you go in to the Preferences > display and see if you have a path set for the stub image path.

in Foobar2000 right click on one of the files that shows the incorrect artwork and select tagging > manage attached pictures and see if there is more than 1 art work attached.
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Yes, there are no other files in the folder except for .mp3 files.


When I go to Preferences-Display-and Stub Image Path, it tells me to select a file not a folder.


Tagging-Manage Attached Pictures and there is only 1 Album Art, which is the correct album art. However, Foobar2000 does not display that correct Album Art.

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