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Originally Posted by Biscuitz View Post

Read a little further up on that page:

"3, Redesign the amp parts to have more neutral sounding , better for reproduce detail and dynamic ."
That's what I was referring to specifically.

Oh, you're right. That's awesome then, NFB15.1 should be then just according to my taste, as NFB12 was a little too warm for me.

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Originally Posted by Warrax View Post

Yes, it does. But I'm not sure, if this is meaning, that Asio4all doesn't work under Windows XP, as it has other architecture, than Windows 7 or Vista.


This article expains it:



On the software side, there are some more obstacles: in order to play multiple sounds simultaneously, a so called "kmixer" / "kernel audio mixer" (XP, 2000) respectively "audio service" (Vista) which is part of the sound subsystem of Windows mixes them together and adjusts the volume of the resulting stream. Contrary to popular belief, the kmixer of Windows 2000 and XP doesn't modify the sound and is thus bitperfect if these four conditions are met:

  1. The PCM/wave volume slider of the mixer (sndvol32.exe) must be set at its maximum. Some start-up applications modify the volume slider (e.g. hardware monitoring tools from Asus).
  2. The player must be compiled for the same architecture that the OS was compiled for - e.g. 32 bit player on a 32 bit OS, 64 bit player on a 64 bit OS. This is the case for the vast majority of installations because the 64 bit version of Windows XP isn't very commonly used.
  3. Applications other than the player mustn't play sounds, otherwise the two output streams will be potentially sample rate converted and mixed.
  4. Applications which are using the soundcard for recording have to use the same sample rate as concurrently running applications which are playing sounds - the soundcard has only one clock generator and hence this limitation arises.



I have also noticed, that when I am playing music over ASIO, and I'm using wave output (onboard audio), wave slider in windows control panel has no effect on sound. But when I play sound without ASIO, wave slider in windows control panel works normaly, and can adjust the sound.

So I think, when four above condictions are met, ASIO works under WindowsXP, and output signal is bitperfect.


I return a bit to this post, where we have been discussing about, if in Windows XP, kmixer can be bypassed and thus achieved bitperfect setup.

I've found this article


where is mentioned:
"To check whether you were successful in this or not, open the Mixer. Make sure that you choose USB Audio DAC and not some other device you may possibly have in the system; you can switch between Mixer Devices using the Options > Properties menu in the Mixer window. If all is done well, moving the slider Wave should have no effect on the playback volume."


I've remembered to my old post, where I've achieved same effect, that wave slider didn't do anything. Now I see, that was a proof,  that kmixer has been really bypassed. So it is possible under Windows XP by ASIO.

Now, there's still a question, if bit-perfect output can be achieved even with kmixer not bypassed, with fullfill conditions, as suggested in upper quoted text. Any suggestions, how to test it?

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It is true that Audio-GD is an upgrade every 3 months. Now they have made ​​the 15:32 version. No comment




WASAPI 3.0 no work. EVENT worked before, now I understand why it does not work. I look forward to new drivers.

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yeah, they also removed the drivers from the site, they require you to e-mail them now to receive the e-mail...

They told me they'd get new drivers around 2013 march, so hang in there Geoo =)

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Well, everyone should except this move, that NFB15.32 will appear. They are switching to this technology.

I have interest about it, as my NFB11.32 seems too bright and dry for me, I remember, I've liked musicality of NFB12.1 quite a lot. I was just waiting till NFB15.32 will appear

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I e-mailed King-Wa and asked if the 192/24 TE8802 chip would get new drivers - and he said yes. But they're holding off the productions on the products having that chip until new drivers are released from TENOR.

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I have a 15.1 and see there is a newer USB interface used in 15.32. Will it be perhaps possible to purchase just this module and do a DIY upgrade?

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Anyone interested in purchasing mine? Got mine last year in September and has gone very unused as i work 11 hours in an advertising firm. I doubt that it has seen 50 hours of usage. Would like to get a centrance dac/amp for portability instead. PM me if interested

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Any impressions about using this boy as dedicated dac on spdf with loudspeakers?

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Originally Posted by Misios View Post

I e-mailed King-Wa and asked if the 192/24 TE8802 chip would get new drivers - and he said yes. But they're holding off the productions on the products having that chip until new drivers are released from TENOR.

Kingwa has v1.2 drivers available for testing.


I've been running it all day w/o issue.


You can email him for the drivers, or send me your email address and I can email it to you.

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Can anyone give an impression of the differences between this 15.1 and the relatively new Audinst HUD-MX2?


I auditioned the MX2 in store and had to turn the volume to absolute maximum to drive HD800's. I'm considering the HE-500's and was wandering which amp would be more suitable.

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Hi all!

Could anyone of you do a comparison between the amplifier section of this nfb-15.1 (or 15.32) and the Asgard 2 one?

What about the build quality?

Thanks :)

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Sorry guys, haven't heard the Audinist nor the Asgard 2.


But, I did just pick up an NFB-15.32 to replace my NFB-15.1. I'm going to sell my NFB-15.1 for a low price, if you guys are interested. I liked the NFB-15.1 enough that I just wanted to get the newer version of it, and because of a small issue my 15.1 has.


That small issue is the amp section on my NFB-15.1 is imbalanced - the left side is slightly louder than the right. I've used it DAC out to another amp, and the imbalance was gone, so this is why I believe it's just the amp section and not the DAC section. Despite this, if you plan on using the NFB-15.1 on your computer, this really isn't a problem - and hasn't been a problem for me either, since you can adjust channel balance in Windows 7 to offset this.


Either way, it's a great DAC (especially for the price I'm letting it go at) and a powerful, good sounding amp despite the imbalance.


Message me if interested.

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thanks for updating me schicken :) I'll e-mail him once I get home again (on vacation atm)

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Anyone ever regret buying the Audio-GD NFB-15.32?

Felt you were not getting a good value for the money?

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