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FiiO E6 or E7

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Hello Everyone.


I know this question has been asked before, and I have read those threads, but I want to ask for myself and find an answer for my specific headphones.


I just got some Sony MDR-XB700's, And I want a nice headphone amp for them. Semi-portable with battery capability. Most of the time ill be using it in junction with my laptop, but I want the ability to use it with my phone as well. I am mainly looking at the FiiO E6 and E7. Obviously they are very different.


I wanted to know if the E7 is worth the extra cost for driving my XB700's. My laptop's sound card is decent, but still needs some help. I assume the E7's have a higher output and better quality, but I couldnt exactly find any reviews comparing the two. Another thing that is important to me is not having the high pitched wine noise, as well as being able to push the volume up without clipping/distortion. Will the E6 be able to handle it? Or should I step up to the E7?


Thanks for any help or advice in advance. :)

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Personally, based on your sources (laptop/phone) I suggest you get the E7. With the DAC inside the E7 you'll get a nice boost in SQ when you listen from your laptop, and the amp is still pretty good. Better than the E6's amp (so I've heard). Iy's a portable amp too, so you can use it with your phone, and the rated battery life is nice and long.

If I recall correctly the XB700s aren't that hard to drive, so I believe you will hear more of an increase in quality when using the E7 in conjunction with your laptop while listening to music. The amp will be able to give you a boost in volume and clarity too so it will also work while your on the go.


It's a good deal (70 - 80 USD), and based on your "parameters" it seems like the E7 will be the better choice for you.

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