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I know this may or may not be the place to ask but I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for dj equipment. I would like to spend a very minimal amount of cash so I am looking for "bang for buck" items. Any good recommendations on turntables are appreciated. I also have a headphone question. What pair of closed dj-style headphones do you recommend? I have been look at the dj-100s and would most likely replace the ear cushions.

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Sennheiser's HD-25II for about $179.00 new or less if buying used. To get into this business on the cheap, you may want to use a notebook computer with dj software. Many dj's are doing this. The smart ones bring an extra notebook that is a clone of the first one "just in case". No vinyl or cd's to lug around.

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Alright, thanks for posting and I think the hd-25IIs would definitely suit my needs

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You can get turntables and a mixer, CD players and a mixer or a controller and a computer. All there options are good and are used buy the best. It all comes down to what music style music you want to mix and just personal preference L3000.gif And also the HD25 are great headphones for mixing and have almost become the industry stranded beerchug.gif Got any more question id be happy to help

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I am a professional dj signed to the ministry of sound..How much do you want to spend on decks?

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newer version of the cdj2000s

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Regardless of the equipment you buy definitely spend a little to get a power conditioner. You can get a Furman M-8x2 for $65 and it will do the job just fine. Lousy power and voltage spikes in a club can wreak up your gear in a hurry, so 65 bucks is a small price to pay to protect it.

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I have been using Technic 1200s or variations of for 20 years. Solid as a rock. I personally prefer turntables for scratching and turntablism but they're more bulky to transport compared to CDJ options or Itch, etc. As for mixer, Rane is my personal favorite for playing hiphop. House and other electronic DJs may have other preferences though. The gear you get partly depends on what you want to get into and what genres you play. Hope that helps.

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Also I've been using Sennheiser HD 25-SP II headphones for a while for DJ'ing. They sound good but the wires tend to get tangled because the cups can rotate 360. I know other DJ friends have the same problem also. That's why I'm looking to switch to Sennheiser HD25-1 II.

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