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Hi all


I run a decent all tube system by Audionote, including a tube DAC and M3 Tube pre amp.


My main amps are also Audionote tube monoblocks (300b) running into horn hybrids. I also

have a SS sub in the system. All silver interconnects.


So, as you can see I love the valve sound, but also like detail (horns) and good bass / fast dynamics.

I have the Lambda Nova Signatures and a good condition SRM 313 fed from the Tubed ore amp.


Is there any mods / upgrades I can do to the SRM 313 amp. I have built a few kits from Audionote, so am ok about

fiddly soldering and such. Can I upgrade the caps and resistors, or other bits as well? If anyone has done

this know how it can be done, can you post here please. I would think Kevin Gilmore may have some info

that could help me?


Many thanks in advance guys.